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ZETA & OMNI Surge on Upbit Listing (40 Gains)

ZETA & OMNI Surge on Upbit Listing (40 Gains)

The listing of two altcoins, Zetachain (ZETA) and Omni Network (OMNI), on Upbit, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, has caused a sharp increase in trading volume. Due to this, the prices of both of these crypto assets have increased significantly—by as much as 40%. 

ZetaChain (ZETA) Price Jumps 40%

Soon after Upbit announced its listing, Zetachain’s native crypto, ZETA, surged by a staggering 40%. As of press time, ZETA is trading 40.51% high at $1.86 with a market cap of $494,482,651, while the daily trading volume has skyrocketed by 91% to $178,546,135. As reported by Upbit, ZETA will be available for trading against Korean Won (KRW), Bitcoin (BTC), and Tether (USDT).

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ZetaChain is a layer one mainnet designed to facilitate omnichannel smart contracts and foster interconnectivity among diverse blockchain networks. Our system, which is based on the Cosmos SDK framework, keeps several validators involved in the block creation process to guarantee agreement.

Additionally, we operate observers and signers to facilitate cross-chain communication. Observers acquire data from foreign chains and relay it to Zeta Chain. At the same time, signers handle Zeta Chain accounts on external networks in a decentralized way utilizing the TSS function. ZETA serves as the native digital asset of Zeta Chain and is used for various purposes, including transaction fee payments, staking and delegation, and engagement in governance processes. 

Price of Omni Network (OMNI) Increases by 10% 

Omi Network (OMNI), another altcoin, has likewise increased by 10%, breaking beyond $20.5 levels. At the time of publication, OMNI’s market value was $202 million, and its trading volume had increased by 110% to $93,829,009, with a current price of $9.47. On Upbit, OMNI will be traded against the trading pairs of BTC and USDT. 

Omni Network is a layer one blockchain built to facilitate interoperability among Ethereum rollups. It addresses the fragmentation of liquidity, users, and developers brought about by the rapid growth of such rollups. 

Our goal in using dual-chain architecture is to enable quick and easy cross-chain transactions by utilizing integrated consensus and dual-chain architecture. Furthermore, as EigenLayer’s Active Validated Service (AVS), it upholds initial protocol stability by integrating an Ethereum-derived security system via ETH restaking. 

OMNI, the native token of Omni Network, finds utility in payment of transaction fees, staking and delegation, and active participation in governance processes.  

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