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Worldcoin Explodes 200%! 3AC Holdings Skyrocket to $900M

Worldcoin Explodes 200%! 3AC Holdings Skyrocket to $900M

The increase in Worldcoin (WLD) value brings 3AC Liquidator’s holdings to $900 million.

Worldcoin’s momentum has been aided by investors’ attention shifting to tokens with an AI component. 

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The price of Worldcoin soars by 200%, and its one-day trading volume crosses $1 billion. 

The 3AC Liquidator’s holdings are now valued at an astounding $900 million thanks to the extraordinary rise in Worldcoin (WLD) price. This increase aligns with a more significant upward trend in tokens related to artificial intelligence, especially since Sam Altman’s OpenAI recently launched Sora. 

Meanwhile, the notable surge in WLD’s value demonstrates investors’ growing interest in the token and the larger AI-driven cryptocurrency market. 

3AC Liquidator’s $900 million worth of holdings 

The wallet address starting with 0xc7c, known as “Teneo: 3AC Liquidation,” accumulates digital assets during cryptocurrency market swings. Scopescan data indicates a record value exceeding $900 million due to WLD price recovery.

Most of the wallet’s roughly $623.25 million worth comprises different cryptocurrencies, with 75 million WLD tokens. Additionally, it holds 8.437 million DYDX units and 134.17 million STRK units.

Furthermore, the wallet contains 160,000 AXS units worth approximately $1.242 million.

Sam Altman’s OpenAI’s release of Sora notably fueled a broader uptrend in AI-related tokens, boosting Worldcoin’s price surge. Sora’s launch increased investor confidence in AI-driven projects, exciting the technology and AI sectors.

Because of this, Worldcoin has become a hub for investors looking to learn about cutting-edge AI technologies in the cryptocurrency space. 

Amidst the surge in AI tokens, Worldcoin (WLD) is gaining momentum. 

The recent increase in Worldcoin’s price highlights its increasing traction in the cryptocurrency space, especially regarding tokens with an AI focus. Worldcoin, which Sam Altman co-founded, has drawn notice for its creative use of blockchain technology to incorporate artificial intelligence. Additionally, the price increase reflects investor confidence in Worldcoin’s potential uses and vision. 

As of this writing, Worldcoin’s trading volume surged by 30.96% to $1.03 billion, while its price rose by 23.25% to $8.35. Notably, the WLD token skyrocketed by over 270% in a month and 170% in the last seven days.

The Worldcoin community celebrated a milestone, announcing over a million users signed up for the World App last week. An update on X from February 17 revealed the World App wallet’s user base surpassed one million, marking several successes.

As WLD prices have been rising, there has been a noticeable surge in adopting these projects. 

World Coin Chart: Visual Representation of Global Cryptocurrency Market Trends
World Coin Chart | Source: Binance

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