Coinbase Lists Pirate Nation Token, Price Surges 150%

Coinbase Lists Pirate Nation Token, Price Surges 150%

The Pirate Nation (PIRATE) ERC-20 coin has been listed on the Ethereum network, according to Coinbase. The statement caused the cryptocurrency price to rise by 150%. Thus, this is a good move.

For those areas where trading is permitted, PIRATE is currently tradable on Coinbase and Coinbase Exchange.

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Private Listing Announced by Coinbase

As confirmed officially, Coinbase will now support the Pirate Nation (PIRATE) cryptocurrency. The exchange stated that only the Ethereum network (ERC-20) allows for the trade of this asset.

Users are not recommended to transfer this asset over other networks as this could result in money losses. PIRATE’s address on the Ethereum network contract is 0x7613C48E0cd50E42dD9Bf0f6c235063145f6f8DC.

If certain liquidity benchmarks are met, trading will start later today. Therefore, trading on the PIRATE-US, D pair will start gradually after a sufficient supply is produced. PIRATE’s help may be restricted in some jurisdictions, making it available only in particular areas.

Before- and After-TGE Approach

Pirate Nation’s success in the Token Generation Event (TGE) can be ascribed to its strategic strategy. Thus, establishing network effects and launching the in-game economy formed the foundation of the pre-TGE approach. This tactic used off-chain points known as “Booty” to reward user engagement and other beneficial actions within the ecosystem.

Booty Points were a currency in the game that could be earned by doing certain missions and during the fighting. These points were used to buy the intermediate assets needed to enhance the ships and pirates. The plan ensured that participants were constantly engaged and that the game remained balanced the entire time.

The post-TGE plan aims to create a long-term token usage system, address the initial player acquisition problem, and preserve player retention. To guarantee that players drive the game economy, 47% of the total token supply was distributed directly to the community.

Pirate Nation developed innovative social farming strategies for high-visibility engagement. Through a Discord Blitz campaign, community members participated in various pirate-themed activities on several Discord channels. Another aspect of the plan was a referral system that pushed gamers to do more than merely register an account. Thanks to the referral system, eight million missions and five million gauntlet rounds could be completed.

The Price Increase and Market Cap of PIRATE

PIRATE’s price significantly spiked after the listing announcement. The price increased 150% to reach an all-time high of $0.3312 despite beginning the day at a low of $0.1142.

Source: CoinMarketCap

During the surge, PIRATE’s market capitalization also increased to $74,337,691, placing it 2668th out of all cryptocurrencies. With a little over $56,610,286 in 24-hour trading volume, PIRATE is now the 128th most traded cryptocurrency.



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