Top Trending Cathie Wood Stocks This Week: Key Picks

Top Trending Cathie Wood Stocks This Week: Key Picks

Cathie Wood stocks experienced some gains while investors waited for a change in the significant variables. As a result of Nvidia’s surge, several tech stocks saw inflows and grew to become the largest by market capitalization. Even so, assets still lag behind the inflows from Q1 2024, which produced higher earnings than anticipated.

Cathie Wood of ArkInvest rose to fame with her regularly updated stock portfolio. Although Cathie Wood stocks have not performed as well in recent years, they did so in 2021 as they gained popularity and established a community. The mix’s cryptocurrency stocks fell due to the broader market selloff. These are this week’s top-performing Cathie Wood stocks.

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Coinbase (COIN)

This week, Cathie Wood’s stock is trending on Coinbase (COIN), a digital asset exchange. The fall in the cryptocurrency market has caused COIN to tumble, but there is a lot of hope for a recovery. The asset is trading at $255.86, down 3.90%. This week, COIN saw a sharp 8% fall in cryptocurrency volumes across Bitcoin and altcoins. Bulls anticipate a shift in the situation as cryptocurrency prices show a minor increase in the market. Short-term benefits for the asset could result from this.

Tesla Inc (TSLA)

Tesla Inc. (TSLA), a producer of electric vehicles, increased by 0.79% to $183 in trading. As money shifts to renewable energy sources, TSLA keeps drawing in new investors. The rise in electric automobiles has fueled the increase in the stock in recent years. However, weekly figures declined because of macroeconomic factors, just like other assets. TSLA saw a 1% fall during the past seven days, eroding earlier gains.

Robinhood (HOOD)

One of the weekly Cathie Wood equities being tendered is Robinhood (HOOD) Robinhood Markets Inc. As inflows persist, HOOD is up this week despite the market drop. While monthly numbers rise to 13%, weekly volumes are down 3%. Robinhood draws a larger market share based on recently disclosed agreements and acquisitions. The stock has increased more than 70% this year.

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