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Top Crypto Gainers and Losers Today: Track Daily Market Trends

Top Crypto Gainers and Losers Today: Track Daily Market Trends

Today, the cryptocurrency market has finally reversed the tide by increasing prices and drawing attention to bitcoin gainers. Additionally, after weeks of neutral sentiments plaguing the market, the fear and greed index has revealed a greedy sentiment among investors. 

The cryptocurrency market’s heatmap is stained green, signifying that most cryptocurrencies have experienced price recovery. In this article, let’s review the top crypto gainers and losers to understand the market circumstances better.

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Top Crypto Gainers of The Day

Today’s list of cryptocurrency winners is lengthy since the market has grown significantly due to avaricious attitudes. Fantom, SEI, and Immutable are the top performers among these cryptocurrency gainers, outperforming the well-known coins.

1. Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is the day’s biggest cryptocurrency gainer, rising 23% to $0.8137 and a market capitalization of $2,284,183,845. FTM has been surging for days, not just today, causing increased transactions in the market. As a result, the 24-hour trading volume has increased by 320%, reaching $513,322,667 in value.

2. Sei (SEI)

With a 22% increase over the past 24 hours, SEI is the second-largest gainer of the day. This spike came after a huge decrease in SEI prices earlier. At the time of writing, it is currently trading at $0.5632 with a market cap of $1,647,474,194. Moreover, there has been an upsurge in its transactions, which has pushed its trading volume to $291,361,244.

3. Unchangeable (IMX)

Investors are taking notice of Immutable, a layer solution for NFTs, as its value has increased by 18% in the last day to $2.40. IMX has a market valuation of $3,495,185,828, with a trading volume of $190,172,544 after a 205% rise.


Today’s Top Crypto Losers

A few cryptocurrencies have yet to be able to hold onto their profits despite the favorable performance of the crypto market. These cryptocurrency losers include FLOKI, PEPE, Toncoin, and numerous others. What’s more intriguing is that all three tokens were bullish and cryptocurrency gainers during the previous market downturn. Still, they all plummeted when the market recovered.


PEPE started to fall despite the greed zone yesterday when it reached a new all-time high of $0.00001156. As of this writing, its price has dropped by 5.56% and is now trading at $0.00001056. Its market cap and trading volume have similarly decreased by 5.63% and 27.46%, bringing the figures down to $4,450,499,207 and $2,535,816,170, respectively.

2. Toncoin (TON)

Toncoin also appeared on the list of top losers, even though it surged much earlier. With a market value of $22,627,955,193, it is trading at $6.52 after falling 5.32% over the previous day. However, the token’s value has increased to $553,371,660 due to a 36% increase in trading volume, indicating that demand for the token is still strong. 

3. Floki (FLOKI)

The FLOKI meme coin’s fall was surprising because, up until recently, it was doing well. At the time of writing, FLOKI is trading at $0.0002122 following a 4% dip and has a market size of $2,028,328,144. Additionally, the trading volume has decreased by 10%, resulting in a value decrease of $846,316,033.


The market was bullish at the start of 2024 and remained there for several months until April. For nearly 1.5 months, the cryptocurrency market experienced numerous volatility and instability problems, which resulted in frequent swings in the prices of cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, there have been indications of a comeback in the market, with several cryptocurrencies emerging as the top performers.

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