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Today’s Crypto Market Performance

Today’s Crypto Market Performance

The fear and greed index’s neutral score indicates little has changed in the cryptocurrency market. However, the heatmap of the cryptocurrency market showed that most cryptocurrencies were seeing gains rather than losses. Due to these increases, the graph, dogwifhat and Toncoin are now the top-performing cryptocurrencies for the day.

Market Performance as a Whole

First, let’s talk about the entire cryptocurrency market. Its global market capitalisation increased to $2.33 trillion, a 2.33% increase from the day before. Even if this isn’t the best result, investors have recovered part of their losses thanks to the gradual comeback. The market’s recovery has resulted in a rise in transactions, which has raised the trading volume by 2.53%. 

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Following a 3% spike, Bitcoin has recovered to $63,220, indicating its dominant position in the cryptocurrency industry with a market share of 53.22%. Ethereum’s price also saw a 2% increase, and it currently holds a 15.6% market share.

The meme market cap, currently at $52,539,426,376 after increasing by 2.31%, indicates that meme currency is still quite popular today. The trading volume has also increased by 7.23%, resulting in a value of $4,477,270,797. Within the past day, REKT has risen by 51%, MAGA VP by 42.19%, and Turbo by 38.23% among these meme coins.

On the other hand, the Solana ecosystem’s rebound was comparatively gradual. The market cap has just gained 0.58%, while the trading volume is up by 4.1%. As of this writing, the trade volume is $53,974,324,174, and the market capitalisation of the Solana ecosystem is $212,016,134,6219.

The day’s top performers and losers

A small number of cryptocurrencies have increased significantly today despite the difficulties. At the same time, the majority have fallen victim to the volatility.

The Akash Network (AKT)

With a 19% increase, Akash Network’s market cap is now $1,365,657,789, valuing the company at $5.78. In the current cryptocurrency market, it is the most lucrative cryptocurrency. Moreover, its trading volume has increased 292%, raising the value to $232,953,427.

The Graph (GRT) The graph has gained 16% in the previous 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.3084. With a 16% increase in market capitalisation of $2,924,638,556 and a 91% increase in trading volume of $188,423,197, it is 40th on CoinmarketCap.


As of the time of writing, BNB has begun to decline; it is currently down 0.4% to $593.12. After a 13.59% fall, its market capitalisation is $87,559,520,977, with a trading volume of $1,598,068,603.

Due to price increases in most cryptocurrencies, today is one of the crypto market’s best days. With the prospect of complete market recovery by month’s end, the current data stays accurate for now. However, it needs to watch the next moves in the cryptocurrency market.

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