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Tether Launches AI Division: Open-Source Data Drives Revolution

Tether Launches AI Division: Open-Source Data Drives Revolution

Tether has recently launched ‘Tether Data’ to lead the way in open-source AI models in response to the growing demand. 

CEO Paolo Ardoino highlights the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing both the physical and virtual realms.

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Tethers Data’s foray into open-source AI aligns with the industry’s shift towards ethical development. 

Tether, the stablecoin issuer of USDT, has announced its entry into the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. As a network architect, the company has over $104 billion in market capitalization. It is now introducing ‘Tether Data,’ a new division dedicated to leading the way in open-source, multimodal AI models. This programme incorporates AI solutions into commercially driven products, addressing the industry’s increased transparency and privacy demand. 

The inclusion of Tether Data marks a significant milestone for the company, known for its diverse investments in renewable telecommunications, energy, and bitcoin mining. Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino highlighted the transformative power of AI in both the real and digital realms. This division marks a new milestone for Tether as the company embraces AI and privacy-preserving technology. 

Tether Collaborative Effort to Drive AI Innovation 

Creating open-source AI models is a crucial aspect of Tether Data’s mission. This approach is situated in the context of increasing concerns about the concentration of AI technologies by major tech companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. Tether Data strives to set an example of inaccessible AI development, emphasizing the significance of transparent privacy. 

Furthermore, Tether Data aims to foster collaboration throughout the industry. With the use of AI in our products and active engagement with the community, Tether strives to make a significant difference in the ecosystem. This collaborative initiative aims to foster innovation and promote widespread accessibility to the benefits of AI technology. 

Elon Musk’s Involvement with Open Source 

This move by Tether Data comes at a time when discussions about the transparency of AI technologies have become prominent. Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against Open AI over their closed-source models and, as a response, made his own ‘Grok’ model available to the public. This legal case centres on the growing dispute surrounding the openness and accessibility of AI systems. 

Tethers Data’s foray into open-source AI comes at an opportune moment. Tether’s dedication to creating AI models prioritizing transparency and privacy significantly contributes to the ongoing discussion. This approach challenges conventional methods and aligns with the current industry trends of fostering more open and ethical AI. 

Tethers Data has launched a global recruitment initiative to showcase its advancements in AI technology. It seeks to attract individuals passionate about AI, allowing them to explore career opportunities in its rapidly growing AI division. This recruitment effort is aligned with the company’s overarching goal of being at the forefront of AI technology development and integration. 

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