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Spain Embraces Worldcoin: WLD Price Surges 3%

Spain Embraces Worldcoin: WLD Price Surges 3%

Tech aficionados have taken an interest in Worldcoin, which is managed by Sam Altman, due to its positive reception in Spain. Notably, the price of Worldcoin’s native cryptocurrency, WLD, has increased by 3% due to this event. This increase is a sign of rising optimism in the wake of Sam Altman’s firm’s recent positive news.

Spain Offers Strong Support For Worldcoin

Worldcoin recently revealed that it had polled more than 21,000 Spanish users to find out what they thought of the platform. According to the data, the overwhelming majority of respondents—nearly 90%—supported the resumption of Worldcoin operations in Spain.

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This comment is noteworthy because it emphasizes how important digital evidence of humanity is becoming across the nation. Furthermore, the survey indicates that 73% of participants think Worldcoin can contribute to developing a more secure and safe internet.

Furthermore, 82% of respondents believe that tools like World ID are essential for telling humans from bots while they are online. According to the poll, 81% of users felt secure using Worldcoin.

These results highlight the broad endorsement of Worldcoin’s security and privacy protocols. The platform claimed to encrypt iris codes using an SMPC method and to secure user privacy using zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP). Notably, the company claims that this strategy guarantees the security and confidentiality of customer data.

Commitment to Privacy and Compliance

According to the most recent information provided in the release, Worldcoin contributor Tools for Humanity (TFH) has decided to prolong the suspension of orb operations in Spain to facilitate a comprehensive GDPR compliance audit conducted by BayLDA, the lead authority in Bavaria. This voluntary action demonstrates Worldcoin’s commitment to openness and compliance with regulations.

TFH’s Chief Legal Officer, Thomas Scott, stressed the company’s dedication to resolving privacy issues. He also praised the latest survey and demonstrated the project’s dedication to collaborating closely with the authorities.

However, the paper also emphasizes how support for evidence of humanity is expanding globally. Colombian, Mexican, and Peruvian surveys reveal comparable patterns. Ninety per cent of those surveyed in Peru desire technological means of distinguishing humans from bots.

Concurrently, 75% of Mexicans feel secure knowing that humans create the content. These results are consistent with the growing demand for trustworthy techniques to confirm people’s internet existence.

The price of WLD increased by 3.12% to $5.03 after Wordlcoin issued its survey, and its trading volume increased by 18% to $306.98 million. Notably, the cryptocurrency has experienced highs of $5.10 and lows of $4.86 in the past day.

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