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Worldcoin Enhances Privacy: New Personal Custody Tool

Worldcoin Enhances Privacy: New Personal Custody Tool

Worldcoin incorporates advanced privacy features that empower users with greater control over their transactions.
Users can manage their data directly from their phones.
The main part of the platform’s code becomes open-source.
Worldcoin has recently introduced Personal Custody features, providing users with enhanced privacy options for their data. This implementation aims to decentralize digital identity and empower individuals with greater control over their personal information.

With the introduction of new features, Worldcoin has taken steps to enhance data privacy for all users and address concerns raised by certain individuals. The new package focuses on Personal Custody, which guarantees that the user’s device retains all the information generated on the Orb for identification purposes.

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Unlike the previous method, this new approval allows users to have complete control over the delete features, allowing them to make changes whenever they want. Before this, the default setting would delete such information without giving users any control over the process.

This move represents a significant effort to strengthen user privacy details and architecture and expand the ID network. In addition, the latest update will allow facial authentication to be used in a wider range of applications. Users can ensure the security of high-security applications by verifying their identity while capturing with the Orb.

Furthermore, Personal Custody will no longer include the option for Data Custody during your orb visit. This ensures that individuals can familiarize themselves with Worldcoin before deciding whether or not they want to contribute their information to enhance the project.

Available on your mobile device

One notable advantage is that generating a public-private key pair can easily complete the entire process on a mobile phone. The encrypted data is sent to the backend, where additional keys are generated to enhance the encryption. The Orb utilizes the keys to generate the required images for Worldcoin verification.

The Orb carefully organizes and secures individual data packages, ensuring their authenticity, before delivering them to the user’s phone for eventual deletion. Worldcoin.

“This procedure encrypts data with your public key, producing encrypted data packages exclusively stored on your device.”

Worldcoin Strives for Increased Decentralization

“In its latest initiative, Worldcoin aims to enhance service decentralization by releasing core components as open source. On March 22, X (formerly Twitter) highlighted this decision, providing insights into its reasoning.

Regulatory challenges persist for Worldcoin, with the Kenyan government maintaining the platform’s suspension since August 2023.”

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