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Robert Kiyosaki Backs Bitcoin Amid $34T US Debt Milestone

Robert Kiyosaki Backs Bitcoin Amid $34T US Debt Milestone

Just now, Robert Kiyosaki made another “Buy Bitcoin” appeal.
To protect himself against the severe US economic crisis, he added gold and silver to his list of investments.
He had previously predicted that Bitcoin would reach $300,000.

“Poverty Dad, Rich Dad” In light of the United States’ rising debt load, author Robert Kiyosaki has provided his over 2.5 million followers on X with a critical Bitcoin (BTC) update.

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Invest in Bitcoin, Says Robert Kiyosaki

The best-selling author claims there is no reason to fear the nation’s current economic circumstances. With the nation’s debt above $34 trillion, he argued that investors should “BE PREPARED.”

Market and finance experts have expressed caution about the US government’s mounting debt. The nation is among the most indebted in the world, with its national debt rising by an average of $1 trillion every ninety days.

This enormous debt profile has serious ramifications since it could undermine any economic growth initiatives the Biden Administration is implementing. Even while critical economic indices like employment growth and inflation rate have improved, there remains a substantial likelihood of a longer-term recession.

Robert Kiyosaki declared that “America is Sick” and advised anyone who wished to avoid the financial collapse to “Buy more gold, silver, and Bitcoin” in light of this risk. These three investments have always served as his go-to assets when he wants to escape the rapidly declining US dollar and other fiat currencies.

Although he occasionally adds real estate to the selection, he is a strong proponent of Bitcoin’s ability to multiply capital significantly. He recommended investors invest as little as $500 earlier this week to benefit from the asset’s recent surge and potential future gains.

The Goal For The Price Of Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki argues that more Bitcoin purchases are necessary because he thinks the virtual currency will reach a peak of $300,000 before the end of the year.

Like many other market analysts, he consistently calls for the coin to increase value ten times its current level. The price of Bitcoin surged to its All-Time High (ATH) above $70,000 after the week, creating a precedent that supports the aggressive acquisition of the cryptocurrency by the top 4 BTC ETF issuers.

Only a few weeks remain until the halving event, so the supply and demand shock will likely tighten further. This increased scarcity might propel the price of cryptocurrencies to the levels predicted by market experts like Robert Kiyosaki.

Ultimately, he thinks that Bitcoin’s deflationary design will allow it to sustain its valuation increase over time, even while the dollar will continue declining.

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