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$OM Mantra Staking Surges: $150M Locked Post ONDO Collaboration, Aims for $2

$OM Mantra Staking Surges: $150M Locked Post ONDO Collaboration, Aims for $2

There’s no stopping the enthusiasm for MANTRA, a top DeFi protocol that focuses on tokenizing Real-World Assets (RWAs)! With the recent announcement of a strategic cooperation with Ondo Finance, the quantity of $OM staked has increased significantly. This progression highlights the increasing trust that investors have in $OM, a prominent DeFi technology that focuses on tokenizing Real-World Assets (RWAs).

Robust Staking Growth:

The excitement among investors for $OM is resulting in a notable increase in staking endeavors. At the moment, more than 180 million $OM coins, worth more than $150 million, are staking-locked. Since the Ondo partnership announcement, staked $OM has increased by more over 40%, as shown by this figure.

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variables Driving Growth:

A number of variables are probably behind this spike in staking, including:

  • Enhanced Staking Benefits: Until the mainnet launch, $OM will provide out enticing benefits for staking, plus an extra 35% bonus. This increases stakers’ potential rewards and encourages long-term holding.
  • RWA Market Expanding: With the rapid expansion of the RWA market, $OM is positioned as a leader. Investors are flocking to $OM in search of exposure to this rapidly expanding market.
  • The Ondo Partnership Increases Self-Belief: The partnership with Ondo Finance has greatly increased investor trust in $OM’s prospects in the future. Notably, the MANTRA Chain is seeing significant advances as a result of this partnership:
  • RWAs Are Coming: This creates new opportunities for DeFi innovation and RWA tokenization.
    The USDY Vault of ONDO Lands on MANTRA: This keeps stablecoin utility while exposing users to short-term US Treasury bonds. With a $450 million TVL at the moment, ONDO’s USDY vault is showing a lot of interest from investors. It is anticipated that this would draw even more TVL to the MANTRA network.
  • Beyond Staking Rewards: Staking $OM has benefits that extend beyond the short-term gains. In a future airdrop, holders will also be able to claim 4% of the whole quantity of $SOMA tokens. The MANTRA ecosystem’s native governance token, $SOMA, grants its holders the ability to vote as well as potential future rewards.

This shows that investors have a lot of faith in the project’s long-term prospects. For investors looking for long-term returns, MANTRA offers an alluring prospect with a strong basis, a robust cooperation with Ondo Finance, and a growing RWA market.

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