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Ago Raises $2.5M for DeFi Accessibility

Ago Raises $2.5M for DeFi Accessibility

Picture an innovative application that combines the strengths of traditional and decentralized finance and is conveniently accessible on your mobile device. That’s the vision of Ago, a groundbreaking platform that seeks to democratize finance by harnessing the potential of blockchain technology. Get an exclusive glimpse into Coinpri, a rapidly expanding French startup that has already secured a staggering $2.5 million in funding and is set to revolutionize the world of finance. 

Embracing the future of finance today 

Ago’s vision is to completely revolutionize the financial sector by harnessing the immense power of blockchain technology. The goal is to establish a sustainable, fair, and transparent economic model. 

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Ago ensures the elimination of unnecessary intermediaries, ensuring complete transparency of every transaction while maintaining high levels of security. This approach offers a substantial cost reduction compared to traditional financial services, empowering users with full control over their finances and actively engaging them in the economic ecosystem. 

Like any ambitious project, Ago’s team is filled with talented individuals. Having more than a decade of experience in the finance sector, the team members have worked closely with well-known financial institutions and investment funds and even developed one of the pioneering real estate tokenization platforms. 

With their extensive background, they are determined to address the shortcomings of the conventional financial system by creating a groundbreaking ecosystem that prioritizes the needs of its users. 

With its visionary approach and talented team, Ago emerges as a leader, forging a path towards a fairer financial future. Thanks to a user-friendly platform, anyone can easily manage their finances with full control and peace of mind, reflecting the vision of making finance accessible to everyone. 

A comprehensive platform designed to streamline your operations 

Whether you’re an experienced trader or a curious beginner, Ago provides access to a diverse range of financial services. Its Decentralised Exchange (DEX) stands out with a vast selection of over 1000 trading pairs. Thanks to Ago, you can now bid farewell to the high fees that once marred your cryptocurrency trading experience. 

However, Ago truly excels in seamlessly connecting traditional and digital currencies. Buying your first Bitcoins or Ethers is incredibly easy, thanks to its user-friendly interface. 

Ago has considered all aspects to enhance your convenience, providing various payment options tailored to your preferences. These include credit cards, bank transfers, as well as Apple Pay or Google Pay. No matter which approach you choose, you will confidently discover everything you need to enter the fascinating realm of crypto assets. 

The AGO token, a catalyst for remarkable expansion 

Since its launch in early 2024, Ago has seen an incredible growth of 1000%. The platform has cultivated a vibrant and dedicated community of over 10,000 users, captivated by its groundbreaking approach and commitment to fostering a more equitable and open financial system. 

This remarkable progress can be attributed primarily to the AGO token. Like an underwriter, the AGO is crucial for facilitating transactions on the platform. It provides holders with exclusive benefits, such as significant fee discounts of up to 18%. 

Holders are also rewarded, as they receive 1% of fees redistributed and can take advantage of an appealing staking model. In addition, the community plays an active role in governance through the Ago DAO, ensuring a transparent and collaborative approach to managing the platform. 

And the advantages don’t end there! Ago redistributes 80% of its revenues to AGO token holders, with the remaining 20% dedicated to the continuous development of the platform. This business model ensures long-term growth and a strong alignment of interests among all stakeholders. We at Coinpri wholeheartedly support this initiative. 

In addition, the AGO token also features a deflationary economic model. This ensures a steady appreciation in token value over the long run. Similarly, Ago has chosen a decentralized governance approach, prioritizing user involvement in strategic decision-making. 

When you purchase and retain ago tokens, you’re not only investing in a highly promising digital asset. You step into the forefront of this thrilling revolution in decentralized finance. 

An Ambitious project to democratize DeFi

Ago constantly strives to push boundaries and take its ambitious project to new heights. With its IBAN-enabled Visa card gaining popularity among over 10,000 users during the pre-order phase, the project aims to simplify the management of your digital assets, promising to revolutionize your daily life. 

That’s just the beginning, but there’s even more to look forward to: 

  • By 2024, the highly anticipated Ago Card will finally be available. This innovative card, backed by IBAN, allows for seamless spending of cryptocurrencies in your everyday activities. 
  • Listing the AGO token on various external exchange platforms, beginning with PancakeSwap, will enhance the liquidity and visibility of this promising digital asset. 
  • They are introducing liquidity and staking pools to give ago holders exciting avenues for generating returns. 
  • They enable the community to participate in the ecosystem’s most innovative projects by deploying a Launchpad. 

In 2025, Ago is set to achieve a significant milestone by introducing cryptocurrency lending solutions and tokenizing real assets like real estate. Experience a groundbreaking development that will revolutionize investment opportunities and enhance the diversification of your digital wealth. 

These are just a few innovations that will make Ago an invaluable partner in helping you achieve financial independence and maximize the opportunities presented by decentralized finance. 

Join the Ago adventure now and take advantage of a special airdrop opportunity! 

As a token of appreciation for your interest and to allow you to explore our ecosystem, Ago has established a generous airdrop program. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire your first ago tokens and participate in this groundbreaking revolution in decentralized finance! 

To make the most of the program, follow these steps: 

  1. Join the Ago community on Telegram to connect with the team, stay updated on the latest project news, and participate in exclusive events. 
  2. Engage with the community and boost your rewards by participating in campaigns airdrop on Zealy and Galxe.
  3. Connect your Metamask to the Ago platform and complete your initial transactions to fully confirm your participation in the airdrop and access all the exclusive benefits for early adopters. 

Ago exemplifies the ideal of decentralized finance, combining efficiency and accessibility. By seamlessly integrating the benefits of blockchain technology with popular services, Coinpri is establishing itself as a significant contributor to the democratization of DeFi. So feel free to do your research and claim your airdrop!

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