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JD.com Launches AI Avatar as Live Stream Host

JD.com Launches AI Avatar as Live Stream Host

The enormous Chinese e-commerce platform JD.com utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) more frequently.
In its AI endeavor, JD.com is not acting alone.

In their pursuit of profit from artificial intelligence services, IT corporations adopted this approach.

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JD.com is increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) to win over clients. Richard Liu Qiangdong’s AI persona recently premiered by hosting two live-streaming events. The massive Chinese e-commerce company’s AI innovation comes at a time when large international companies are using the technology worldwide to increase income.

Debts on JD.com Founder’s AI Avatar

Richard Liu Qiangdong, the founder and chairman of JD.com, has made significant use of artificial intelligence (AI) with the launch of his avatar on Tuesday, which served as the host of two live-streaming sessions.

The South China Morning Post notes that Liu’s avatar faithfully replicated the company’s founder’s appearance, voice, accent, and hand gestures while conversing, thanks to JD.com’s ChatRhino large language model (LLM).

LLM technology, ChatGPT, and other generative AI services are trained using large language models.

AI Growth Engulfs All Companies Alike

In its AI endeavor, JD.com is not acting alone. Fred Havemeyer, head of Macquarie’s software and AI research, predicts that generative AI software usage will pick up steam in 2024. More than two-thirds of jobs are anticipated to be impacted by AI in the future. Apple’s recent announcement that it will concentrate on AI products moving forward is an excellent illustration of this.

The desire to profit from artificial intelligence services drove IT corporations to adopt this approach. In addition, Microsoft is adding significant firms in the same industry to broaden its offering in artificial intelligence technologies. Since most businesses interact with AI products, people seeking employment in the future will need to be proficient in a wide range of fields.

As artificial intelligence increasingly integrates into various job roles, it anticipates becoming a significant development aspect. One of the best examples of the importance of artificial intelligence to many of the key businesses in the market is Nvidia’s present expansion. On $22.1 billion in revenue, Nvidia reported adjusted profits per share (EPS) of $5.16 for the quarter. Analysts forecast $20.4 billion in revenue and $4.60 in earnings per share.

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