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Internet Computer Unveils AI Smart Contract Engine Upgrade

Internet Computer Unveils AI Smart Contract Engine Upgrade

Internet Computer have hinted at the recent AI intelligent contract push speed.

Despite the enormous excitement surrounding AI development, Internet Computer hopes to transform AI via blockchain technology.

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Internet Computer (ICP), barely a month after announcing the launch of the world’s first blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) expressed on a smart contract, has alluded to a significant advancement in the quest.

The Internet Computer Is Developing AI Smart Contract Features

ICP founder Dominic Williams noted a significant acceleration of AI intelligent contracts on the protocol in an X post. He praised the DFinity team’s efforts on the smart contract engine, pointing out that it has tenfold accelerated deterministic floating point instructions.

“We are still committed to executing complex LLMs as smart contracts,” Williams stated. “Image classification in the demo is now operating 3X+ faster (across 3–4 blocks through consensus compared to 10–12 previously). The gas/cycle costs of AI inference have decreased correspondingly.

The team’s extensive low-level effort, which includes “commits to the public Wasmtime virtual machine implementation of WebAssembly,” allowed them to reach this faster pace. 

The protocol is anticipated to advance beyond its current state with the impending optimization. 

Notably, ICP is putting much money into its AI venture, which puts it in a position to compete with leading AI firms like OpenAI, Google, and even Cognition Labs, which hired Devin as the first AI software developer.

ICP AI Innovation Will Soon Offer More Features

Internet Computer previously discussed the next optimization, which will involve integrating SIMD instructions into the smart contract execution environment. 

This will eventually make it possible for one instruction to do many floating point calculations in parallel. The ICP founder plans to transition the intelligent contract ecosystem from 32-bit to 64-bit Wasm.

This move expands storage capacity for AI model weights in contract memory, going from 2 billion bytes to essentially unlimited capacity, catering to the needs of sophisticated LLMs.

Furthermore, the ICP team will make new APIs available to enable any intelligent contract code to export AI computations for GPU acceleration.

These initiatives demonstrate ICP’s dedication to enhancing its AI infrastructure. Presenting the Internet Computer AI in March was essential to illustrate the protocol’s goal of creating a system in which potent LLMs function as smart contracts on the ICP. Although it operates on DFINITY’s ICP testnet, the Internet Computer AI enables coders to move their programs to a public network.


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