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Intel Unveils Gaudi 3 to Challenge NVIDIA in AI Chip Market

Intel Unveils Gaudi 3 to Challenge NVIDIA in AI Chip Market

The Gaudi 3 is the newest AI chip from Intel.
The chips were introduced to challenge the recent supremacy of NVIDIA.
The AI war is intensifying, and chips are a vital front in the fight for IT corporations.

With the release of Intel Corp.’s new AI processor, an American multinational corporation and technology company, NVIDIA’s hegemony in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem is in jeopardy.

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Intel Praise for Gaudi 3’s Features Compared to NVIDIA’s

On April 9, Intel revealed the upcoming release of its Gaudi 3 semiconductor during its Vision event. Significantly, the release of this product coincides with a rush by chip manufacturers to release chips capable of training and utilising large AI models. Given the features that its creators are promoting, Gaudi 3 is seen as a serious challenge to NVIDIA.

Intel claims the new Gaudi 3 chip can run AI models 1.5 times faster than the NVIDIA H100 GPU and is more than twice as power-efficient. It comprises several arrangements, including bundling eight Gaudi 3 chips into a single motherboard or installing a card into pre-existing computers.

Jeni Barovian, vice president of strategy and product management at Intel, stated:

“First and foremost, we want options in the market for our clients. They come to us expecting that Intel, as the pioneer in computing, will ride the wave of generative AI and provide them with solutions. And they’re searching for a transparent strategy.

The Dominance of NVIDIA Is in Danger

NVIDIA controls up to 83% of the AI chip market, challenging other IT giants, including Qualcomm, Intel, and Google. The AI-focused business has provided important details about a brand-new chip it intends to introduce, the Blackwell AI super chip. Many potentially dangerous parties have been pressuring NVIDIA to relinquish its industry leadership in light of its recent successes.

Under the auspices of the UXL Foundation, Google, Intel, and QualCOMM intend to form a coalition and work together to develop substitute software to challenge NVIDIA AI’s dominance. Specifically, this new software will be built to power several AI accelerator chip types. They intend to use OneAPI, an original piece of software that Intel originally developed.

Asset managers at Goldman Sachs are likewise looking for AI chip manufacturers in developing economies like NVIDIA with bright futures. Shortly, more businesses will likely emerge to challenge NVIDIA’s hegemony, capitalising on the trend and competition in the AI space.

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