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Goldman Sachs Seeks Next NVIDIA in Emerging Markets

Goldman Sachs Seeks Next NVIDIA in Emerging Markets

Goldman Sachs is looking for the next big player in the tech industry.
The asset manager primarily concentrates on emerging markets.
The AI marketplace is experiencing rapid growth and a significant influx of capital.
Given the impressive success and excitement surrounding NVIDIA, a firm specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Goldman Sachs is looking for the next generation of AI companies capable of achieving similar outcomes.

Goldman Sachs has set its sights on high-performing AI investments.

Investors are presently exploring opportunities beyond the United States, aiming for better value and broader AI markets in emerging economies. Goldman Sachs, particularly its asset management division, has a clear focus on acquiring stakes in companies. These companies produce AI supply-chain components, such as cooling systems and power supplies.

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Other institutions, such as JPMorgan, have established connections with traditional electronics manufacturers, who are gradually becoming leaders in AI.

Meanwhile, investment managers at Morgan Stanley are strategically investing in industries undergoing AI-driven transformations. These industries may not be traditionally technology-focused. Jitania Kandhari, the deputy chief investment officer at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, views artificial intelligence as a significant growth catalyst in emerging markets.

“In addition to our previous investments in AI beneficiaries such as semiconductors, we will now focus on identifying companies across various industries leveraging AI to boost their earnings,” Kandhari emphasized.

NVIDIA solidifies its position as a dominant force in the industry

NVIDIA, a prominent tech giant favored by big money managers, has recently demonstrated impressive performance in AI.

In February, the company gained significant attention when it reached a market capitalization of $2 trillion, becoming a hot topic in the industry. This figure enabled NVIDIA to surpass the market value of Amazon and Alphabet, Google’s parent company. The global GPU manufacturing giant has a robust connection with the Chinese market, where it provides its AI chips.

The company recently unveiled its AI super chip Blackwell at the San Jose, California, GTC conference.

The Blackwell super chip series is an innovative project that seeks to transform the AI landscape, providing users exceptional performance and capabilities. Crafted meticulously to cater to the needs of advanced AI-driven tasks across various industries, this powerful device boasts an impressive 208 billion transistors. It boasts exceptional processing capabilities, improved efficiency, and remarkable versatility.

This recently launched product is already attracting considerable attention, potentially threatening the performance and market position of other technology companies.

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