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GRAM Token Now on MEXC: Trade TON Blockchain PoW-Token

GRAM Token Now on MEXC: Trade TON Blockchain PoW-Token

It’s an exciting development for those involved in cryptocurrency and mining, as MEXC Exchange has just revealed the addition of GRAM to its listings. GRAM is the pioneering mining token on the TON blockchain, allowing users to mine it with graphics cards. Since its launch at the end of January, GRAM has experienced an impressive surge in popularity. The number of holders has surpassed 30,000, and its value has skyrocketed from $0.0027 to $0.03, reaching a peak of $0.044.

GRAM Expands Trading Options with MEXC Listing

Before the launch, MEXC Exchange integrated GRAM support into various decentralized exchanges within the TON ecosystem. Now, MEXC Exchange will introduce a new trading pair for GRAM/USDT, boosting its availability and trading volume. These include the popular AMM DEX STON.fi, Ton.Diamonds, DEX DeDust, and the P2P section of CryptoBot in Telegram.

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GRAM maintains an impressive level of decentralization and allows mining the token with standard graphics cards. This decentralization occurs through the absence of any pre-mining or reserves for the project team or major investors. Smart contracts called PoW Givers facilitate mining, holding all coins.

The mining process for GRAM is similar to how TON was mined during the initial phase of the TON blockchain’s launch. Users can set up software and earn rewards by successfully solving computational tasks found in PoW Givers. This method guarantees a fair allocation of coins among users, preserving the network’s strong decentralization.

GRAM Takes TON Blockchain by Storm: Massive Mining Activity, Decentralized Future

GRAM’s popularity soared on the TON blockchain, with its launch on January 30th. Large PoW Givers exhausted all 100,000 GRAM rewards within a day. By March, miners fully mined coins from medium and small PoW Givers, offering 10,000 and 1,000 rewards respectively. Currently, mining continues using micro-givers, providing 100 GRAM rewards.

A total of 5,000,000,000 GRAM will be issued, and as of March 27th, 1,750,000,000 GRAM have already been mined. GRAM aims to provide seamless and affordable transactions of any volume within the TON ecosystem. A group of passionate developers created it after the previous team had to abandon the project.

“I never expected Gram, which I launched as an experiment, to generate such excitement and capture the interest of the entire TON community. It has now become the most decentralized coin on the TON blockchain, with equal distribution,” said Oleg Oskolskiy, the lead developer of GRAM, reflecting on the token’s launch. Gram has a founder, but it lacks an owner, tokenomics, or a roadmap. Each member of the community has the freedom to define what Gram represents to them. We are all equal participants and witnesses.

GRAM: Revived Telegram Token or Community-Driven Project?

Initially, GRAM, the primary cryptocurrency in Pavel Durov’s Telegram Open Network project, gained $1.7 billion in private funding in 2018. However, regulatory pressure ensued, leading to its freezing. Subsequently, the project was handed over to the community and rebranded as The Open Network (TON). While Telegram’s official team does not directly manage the TON project, they are actively supporting efforts to develop the ecosystem. In February 2024, Pavel Durov announced the introduction of a reward system for Telegram channel owners based on ad views in TONcoin.

GRAM positions itself as a compelling choice for investors and blockchain enthusiasts seeking cryptocurrencies that provide the same principles of decentralization and security as Bitcoin (BTC) but with improved features, particularly in terms of transaction speed and scalability.

With the excitement building in the project’s dedicated Telegram channel, GRAM enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating its upcoming listing on other major exchanges. Notable activity includes transferring over a million GRAM tokens to accounts on both MEXC and OKX.

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