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Toncoin Surges 10% on $115M TON Distribution News

Toncoin Surges 10% on $115M TON Distribution News

Today’s 10% increase in Toncoin price attracts the attention of investors. 

The Ton Foundation unveiled a $115 million TON distribution plan in April. 

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The Open League program of the Ton Foundation seeks to increase community involvement. 

Investor attention has been drawn to the Toncoin (TON) by its impressive 10% price increase today, coinciding with the introduction of a significant distribution plan. Through its Open League program, the Ton Foundation announced it would give away $115 million worth of Toncoin in April. 

This calculated move has raised hopes and curiosity about Toncoin’s future course. 

Ton Foundation Will Give Away $115 Million in Toncoin (TON) 

Toncoin’s value surged, rewarding investors with a 10% increase, in response to news of a $115 million distribution plan. This announcement caused excitement. The Ton Foundation recently shared their intentions for The Open League Season 1 on their blog, which is scheduled to start on April 1

Transitioning forward, the Ton Foundation aims to intensify community involvement and engagement by giving away 30 million TON, equivalent to $115 million in prizes.
During the Open League pilot season, daily active wallets surged by 370%, and Total Value Locked (TVL) jumped by 70%.
The project comprises four main mechanisms: the League, Token Mining, Quests & Airdrops, and Liquidity Pool Boosts.
These mechanisms reward and encourage various Ton community groups, serving distinct user profiles within the Telegram community.

Announcement of Price Rallies Open League 

Targeting developers and community members, the League offers a $5 million Toncoin prize pool, encouraging innovation and competitiveness within the Ton ecosystem. The League pits Web3 projects against one another for top rankings. The winners can reinvest their winnings into their projects or share their prizes among their communities. 

Token mining simplifies earning incentives for new users through project activities and referrals, aiming to boost engagement while minimizing marketing costs. Initiatives like Notcoin and Pixels demonstrate this. Additionally, “Degen Dabblers” access quests and airdrops, participating in recurring events and earning Soul Bound Tokens. Notably, a $22 million Toncoin prize pool awaits participants.

The Liquidity Pool Boosts, tailored for experienced users, award around $40 million TON, boosting liquidity in specific pools and supporting Toncoin’s ecosystem.

As of now, Toncoin’s price has surged by 9.67% to $4.26, with its trading volume dipping 6% to $179.36 million. Notably, TON’s cost has climbed roughly 90% in the past 30 days, despite declining nearly 1% last week.

Toncoin (TON) Price
Toncoin (TON) Price

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