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Fake News Alert! UK PM Denies Bitcoin or $1M Interview Fee

Fake News Alert! UK PM Denies Bitcoin or $1M Interview Fee

In a recent development, a public dispute arose involving former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Carlson, a well-known figure in right-wing US media, accused Johnson of demanding a million-dollar payment or Bitcoin in exchange for an interview, an allegation vehemently denied by the prime minister’s team. The core of the argument centers on Johnson’s purported request for compensation in exchange for discussing Ukraine.

Carlson’s Charge And Johnson’s Reaction 

In a recent interview with Blaze TV, Tucker Carlson said that Johnson’s team told him the interview was possible but would come with a high price. According to Carlson, the Prime Minister allegedly demanded a million US dollars, gold, or BTC. 

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Speaking to the right-wing news outlet Blaze TV, Carlson stated: 

“At last, one of his advisors responds to me, saying, ‘He will speak with you, but it will cost you a million bucks.'” 

Screenshot of Tucker Carlson interview on BlazeTV.
Screenshot of Tucker Carlson interview on BlazeTV.

Carlson was quoted by The Telegraph as saying: 

“He recently, or two days ago expressed a desire to have one million dollars, either in US dollars, gold, or bitcoin. He will then discuss Ukraine with you and lay out his position. 

Johnson’s team quickly refuted these claims, claiming that Carlson was the one who made the offer and that Johnson had initially agreed, provided that the money would go to charities supporting Ukrainian veterans. But Johnson cancelled the interview, citing the untimely death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny as the reason. 

Bitcoin: The Cryptocurrency’s Unlikely Place in Dramatic Media 

Unexpectedly, the cryptocurrency has become involved in this drama in the media. According to Carlson’s account of the purported interview offer, Johnson had indicated that he preferred a million dollars in Bitcoin. 

The 24-hour chart shows that the price
The 24-hour chart shows that the price of BTCUSD is $51,770. TradingView.com 


The mention of Bitcoin in the developing narrative adds an interesting new angle, though Johnson’s team has yet to respond. This allows for conjecture about the cryptocurrency’s function and importance in the suggested interview.

The top digital asset, whose value has increased dramatically over the last ten years, is now a hot topic in global finance circles. Johnson is rumoured to have faith in Bitcoin’s sustained success despite its remarkable performance. 

The value of Bitcoin has significantly increased over time, from $0.003 in 2010 to about $69,000 in 2021. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently solidified Bitcoin’s status as a top asset by approving 11 spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds.

The Confluence Of Cryptocurrency And Politics 

The integration of cryptocurrency and politics complicates the conversation between Carlson and Johnson further. Using Bitcoin as a payment option raises questions about the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies in commerce. The narrative highlights the dynamic nature of politics and media, influenced by technologies like Bitcoin.


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