Crypto Prices June 13: BTC & ETH Battle Volatility, AI Coins Rally

Crypto Prices June 13: BTC & ETH Battle Volatility, AI Coins Rally

The cryptocurrency markets showed some noticeable signs of a recovery yesterday with the release of U.S. CPI data. Still, they have once again demonstrated various mixed price moves. While AI coins emerged prominently among the day’s top gainers, extending yesterday’s price advances, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) battle market instability. The bitcoin price lost a lot of its upward momentum yesterday and is now trading back at the $67K mark. The price of ETH dropped after that, below the $3,500 mark. But there were notable increases for the altcoins Dogecoin (DOGE), XRP, and Solana (SOL).

The value of the world’s cryptocurrency market increased by 1.49% to $2.48 trillion today. However, the overall volume traded in cryptocurrency declined by 2.86% to $87.7 billion over the previous day.

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This is a quick update on the leading cryptocurrencies and their price fluctuations as of today, June 13.

Best Cryptocurrency Prices Right Now


Although Bitcoin’s price has mostly moved upward over the last day, the currency is still very volatile. As of this writing, Bitcoin was down 0.19% at $67.263.78. The token’s 24-hour high is $69,977.89; its 24-hour low is $67,197.69.

Bitcoin’s dominance is 54.19%, down 0.27% from the previous day. Today, the market capitalization of the leading cryptocurrency is $1.32 trillion.


In the last day, the price of ETH fell by 0.08% to $3,502, continuing the extremely erratic volatility. In line with its erratic price behaviour, Ethereum’s 24-hour low and high are $3,478.89 and $3,652.49, respectively.

ETH has a $420.72 billion market capitalization. It’s important to note that the ETH cryptocurrency has remained negative despite extraordinary exchange withdrawals.


The price of SOL increased by 1.23% to close at $151.56 today. Solana’s 24-hour low and high points are $149.68 and $161.51, respectively.


In tandem with the overall direction of the market, the price of XRP increased by 0.92% to $0.486. The 24-hour low and high points for the cryptocurrency backed by Ripple are $0.4783 and $0.4975, respectively.


Shiba Inu (SHIB) dropped 1.22% to $0.00002161 today, while Dogecoin (DOGE) increased 3.05% to $0.143.

Pepe coin (PEPE) increased 0.47% to $0.00001282 simultaneously.


Leading Crypto Profits

AI Coins now take centre stage on the list of top gainers. Still, other cryptocurrencies maintain their place as well.

The price of injectables (INJ) rises 11.01% to $30.11.

The price of (FET) shot up 6.10% to $1.64.

The price of Livepeer (LPT) increased by 18.25% to $23.91.

The price of Bitcoin (NOT) shot up 8.59% to $0.01785.

Render (RNDR) increases to $8.87, up 6.20%.


Today’s Top Crypto Losers

The price of Akash Network (AKT) fell 13.60% to $3.36.

The price of Floki Inu (FLOKI) was adjusted by 8.46% to $0.0002137.

The price of ORDI dropped by 4.78% to $48.84.

The price of Wormhole (W) dropped 3.11% to $0.5007.

The CoinMarketCap hourly time frame charts show even more clearly that SOL, XRP, and most other coins experienced a price increase. At the same time, BTC and ETH maintained a declining price trajectory.

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