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Citigroup Raises NVDA Target to $1,030 Amid GTC Buzz

Citigroup Raises NVDA Target to $1,030 Amid GTC Buzz

Nvidia boosts confidence after this week’s GTC conference.
Wall Street analysts raise NVDA price targets.
Nvidia strengthened its position at the GTC conference.
With the start of this week’s highly anticipated GTC conference, the large GPU manufacturer Nvidia achieved a huge milestone in artificial intelligence worldwide and attracted much attention. As mentioned, many Wall Street analysts increased their price targets for NVDA, igniting intense market excitement for the company throughout the sector and keeping with its positioning as a trailblazer at the conference.

Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs, among many other analysts, sharply raised NVDA’s price forecasts today amid this frenzy of commentary. As of publication, NVDA’s stock was valued at $890.69.

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GTC Encourages Hope

The GTC conference, Nvidia’s first public event since the pandemic, is crucial for the company. The event aimed to herald a paradigm shift, introducing spectacular new items, thus marking a significant milestone in the industry. Regarding this, during this conference, Nvidia revealed Blackwell, their ground-breaking AI superprocessor.

The conference showcased Nvidia’s vast growth potential, igniting market confidence. The company’s raised price estimates further solidified this sentiment. Citigroup lifted its PT from $820 to $1,030, while Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank increased their PTs from $720 to $850 and $1,000, respectively. Furthermore, Piper Sandler reduced the PT from $850 to $1,050.

This fueled great excitement for NVDA and fostered expectations for more rapid expansion. In addition, Jim Cramer of Mad Money highlighted that Nvidia, with the release of its AI super processor, is poised to usher in the next “industrial revolution.” Taken together, these indicate a positive picture of Nvidia’s near future.


Nvidia Leads The Way As A Pioneer

This week at its GTC conference, the industry leader in GPU production showcased many new technologies, with CEO Jensen Huang highlighting these advancements in his keynote address. From AI super processors to a fundamental paradigm for humanoid robotics, Nvidia demonstrated the company’s enormous expansion since its last conference, which was open to the public.

Market analysts anticipate Nvidia will further cushion its place inside the AI space by introducing the Blackwell AI super processor and the community’s leading role in the sector. Interestingly, Nvidia also became the go-to place for investors who wanted to get into AI-based cryptocurrency tokens.

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