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AI Coins Surge 20% Pre – Nvidia GTC: Outlook?

AI Coins Surge 20% Pre – Nvidia GTC: Outlook?

The Nvidia GTC Conference will unlock new GPU capabilities for the AI space.
A massive rally over the weekend saw AI Coins gain nearly $5 billion.
Render (RNDR) is leading the way, whose daily trade volume surpasses $1.1 billion.
In recent weeks, there have been significant advancements in the global AI arena, and artificial intelligence (AI) currencies have continued to make enormous gains. According to data from CoinGecko, the AI currencies index increased by 16% on the last day, and their entire market capitalization has surpassed $26 billion. The AI coin market’s trading volume has risen to over $3.5 billion.

Regarding the GTC Conference at Nvidia

On Monday, March 18, at the SAP Centre in San Jose, California, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang will open the company’s annual GTC conference with a two-hour keynote address outlining its planned plans for the year. In the past, Nvidia has introduced some of its most important products at this stage.

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It released its Hopper graphics architecture and H100 graphics processing unit the year before, in 2022. Since then, businesses that train and use AI models have come to rely on it. Many people anticipate that Nvidia will release the H100 and Hopper’s successors this year, which might spark renewed interest in the company’s products. An early look at Nvidia’s impending Blackwell B100 AI GPU launch was given last week.

In a related move, NVIDIA and Google formed a strategic alliance to incorporate Google’s Gemma AI technology into the NVIDIA product line.

AI Currency Detected

The market for AI tokens sees a noticeable surge as excitement for the next Nvidia GTC conference grows, with prices rising by more than 16.8% in a single day. RNDR is leading the way among the top performers with an impressive 17.4% increase, closely followed by TAO with a 7.5% increase. Before the conference, investors noted a noteworthy 14% increase in FET, highlighting the optimistic outlook on AI-related assets.

Rosnet, Precipitate.ai, and LaLM AI are some of the top gainers in the AI coins market during the last 24 hours, with more than 50% apiece gains.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) narratives continue to dominate the market, driving enormous gains for altcoins based on AI. Retrieve. In just 28 days, Worldcoin (WLD) has had an incredible 456% increase, while AI (FET) has risen by an astounding 528%. With the Nvidia AI conference looming, these AI tokens are poised to further capitalize on the sector’s momentum.

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