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Bitcoin Halving Impact on Institutional Investor Inflows

Bitcoin Halving Impact on Institutional Investor Inflows

When institutional investors took up the pace, the price of most crypto assets began to rise after the Bitcoin halving. Macroeconomic reasons and geopolitical tensions dampened investor sentiment weeks before the event, resulting in massive liquidations due to outflows. 

The fact that the majority of cryptocurrency assets turned green after the halving raises the question of whether the halving can spark the next bull run through institutional and retail inflows. The price of Bitcoin has risen above $66,500 from below $63,000 following significant liquidations. 

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The half of Bitcoin would provide fresh hope to the market and be seen as a bullish period for the commodity.

Peaks and Valleys for Institutional Investors

Bitcoin trades below $20,000 after the bear market of 2022 and gains strength in 2023. New investors entered the market as a result of BlackRock’s application for a spot Bitcoin ETF and other companies’ comparable applications. The price of Bitcoin and other products increased as institutional investors showed a renewed interest in them. 

With bulls projecting greater prices following approvals, Bitcoin reached $44,000 in December. The Securities and Exchange Commission allowed spot ETFs on January 11, which resulted in significant institutional inflows into the market. Before interest rates fell, the asset’s price exceeded $72,000, reaching a new record high.

The price of Bitcoin fell in the weeks before the halving because miners and traders repositioned their holdings. Some miners attempted to hedge their reserves to increase their capacity, while others aimed to profit from the asset’s explosive price increase over the previous 12 months.

Users Offer a Comeback

For the past two weeks, cryptocurrency investment products have seen withdrawals. Last week, $206 million in exits from crypto goods occurred, and trading volumes decreased. 

The $192 million withdrawals from Bitcoin decreased monthly inflows to $368 million, bringing the market capitalization down to $69.4 billion. Similar to the introduction of ETFs, the halving of Bitcoin has attracted investors to the market, as evidenced by the modest increases in crypto assets. Moreover, Memecoin has seen a rise over the past 48 hours. 

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