Andrew Tate to Box Ansem in Dubai Over $10M Crypto Bet

Andrew Tate to Box Ansem in Dubai Over $10M Crypto Bet

Former kickboxer Andrew Tate has staked $10 million in cryptocurrency on X, demonstrating his flair for the dramatic once again. Tate issued a challenge to well-known “Crypto Twitter” influencer Ansem. Furthermore, the recent remark follows the debate surrounding the Solana meme coin burn.

Andrew Tate Accepts a Crazy Crypto Bet

Declaring that the current cycle belongs to him, Andrew Tate challenged to box Ansem in the opening tweet. “I will fight with one hand,” the popular figure on the internet continued. “The loser donates 10m to a coin of the winner’s choice,” he further stated.

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Tate has a successful kickboxing career, so it makes sense to place the wager. It was improbable that Ansem would consent, yet something unexpected occurred. In a comment under Tate’s article, one user asked Ansem if he would box Tate at the December Crypto Fight Week in Dubai. “Set it up,” Ansem responded with assurance, taking up the challenge. Tate has also recently shown great interest in the cryptocurrency industry, so it’s hard to anticipate what will happen next.

Tate’s boxing challenge target, Ansem, has garnered much attention lately because of his remarkable investment story. When Solana (SOL) reached its all-time high of $260, he made an incredible 170x profit on his investment, which he made when it was only worth $1.5.

Furthermore, the crypto influencer has gained notoriety in the community as a result of his achievements. His impact has only grown as a result of his recent remarks on SocialFi cryptocurrency. In addition, he is a modern-day cryptocurrency millionaire, so people listen to his advice.

Tate, however, is surpassing Ansem in terms of popularity in the ecosystem. Tate recently burnt $11 million worth of TOP G, a new Solana meme coin, as part of a series of high-profile actions within the Solana ecosystem. This inflammatory tweet comes after other high-profile actions. Due to this extraordinary occurrence, the price of the TOP G coin surged by more than 130%, increasing its market capitalization to over $65 million.

The TOP G Burn Debate

Tate was commended by the Top G meme coin’s official Twitter account for destroying 58% of the coin’s supply and leaving only 37% in use. They said, “Now we cook,” implying that the burn was a calculated action to raise the coin’s worth.

The crypto community has taken notice of the former kickboxer’s activities since his subsequent tweets have only fueled the flames. Tate bragged about his ability to cause havoc, declaring with assurance, “I WILL CRASH THE SOLANA NETWORK.” He asserted in another tweet, “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO.” “TOP G IS GOING TO BURN IT ALL,” he said, igniting more discussion and controversy in the cryptocurrency world.

Tate has maintained that his motivations go beyond simple self-interest, even in the face of his combative demeanour and the significant burn of TOP G tokens. He then burned the money his followers had encouraged him to send him. But Tate disclosed, saying, “GUESS HOW MUCH MONEY I’VE MADE TODAY? NOTHING.

He asserted that he had made over $100 million in trades with Solana, assisting others in becoming millionaires while receiving no personal benefit from the most recent fire. He corrected in a subsequent tweet, saying, “Correction. I set it on fire and lost $11 million;),” highlighting his aim to show off his might and authority in cryptocurrency.

It is still being determined how Tate’s actions would affect the Solana network and the larger cryptocurrency market. His threats to “crash Solana” and his thought-provoking tweets have undoubtedly drawn attention from the cryptocurrency world and other quarters. Despite its unstable past, the TOP G coin has witnessed a notable rise in value.

After Tate started the burn, the Solana meme coin erased a zero and soared to an all-time high of $0.07836, a staggering 1045% rise. This implies that Tate’s approach might have unanticipated benefits. But after that, the cryptocurrency also fell to all-time lows, suggesting that these patterns would not last long.

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