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5 Meme Coins to Buy Now: Turn $10 into $100 This Week Fast!

5 Meme Coins to Buy Now: Turn $10 into $100 This Week Fast!

These days, as altcoins reach new heights, the market’s positive outlook is abundantly evident. This results from traders’ growing greed, as measured by the fear and greed index, which has driven up market capitalization. The global market capitalization, according to CoinmarketCap, is $2.64 trillion, following a 3% increase over the previous day. Furthermore, following the 20% advances, the worldwide 24-hour trading volume has hit $92.49 billion. It’s the ideal moment to invest in high-potential meme currencies because of the persistently positive market conditions and the recent surge in Bitcoin’s price to $71K.

Let’s discuss the top five meme coin options to purchase in this blog post to increase your profits tenfold.

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(GME) is currently the most successful meme coin, gaining 1300% in just one month. Based on the prior surge, GME is experiencing a brief correction and should be backing up shortly. At that point, the price of Gamestop reached a peak of $0.0219. However, as of right now, it is only worth $0.009581, with a $65,909,196 market cap. Gamestop can provide 10X gains in the next days with a comparable rise.

The Dog Ben (BENDOG)

Similar to March, when its price hit an all-time high of $0.05124, BENDOG is again experiencing a rise. Its value has increased by 545% in a month, with a 50% gain in the last day alone, bringing its price to $0.03759. The meme coin is currently only 30% of the way to the ATH, and if the current trend keeps up, it may surpass it in the coming days.

Pepe Coin (PEPE)

After a very profitable performance in the previous month, there is ongoing enthusiasm surrounding Pepe Coins. Despite a brief recovery earlier, PEPE’s tendency has persisted. The price of PEPE is rapidly climbing once more, and it is only 15% away from the ATH at $0.00001461. According to the analyst’s Pepe Coin forecast, a gain of up to $0.00002 is possible in the next few days.

Caninewifhat (WIF)

With today’s 10% gain in value, Dogwifhat is also trying to surpass the present average. Since its release on the market, this Solana joke coin has been in high demand, producing significant profits for its investors. WIF’s current selling price is $3.54, down 27% from its peak of $4.85, which it reached just two months ago. This is the ideal meme coin to get right now since analysts predict that the price of WIF will reach $10.


The present rise will bring the SLERF closer even though the best-performing days are still far off. SLERF has been bullish for days, increasing value by 19% daily. In addition, after 20% and 49% rises, the market and trade volume are at $195,214,033 and $82,706,206, respectively. This surge in network activity suggests that this meme coin may see much bigger profits.

Check out the meme above coins, which are bullish while the list is still ongoing. Yes, any of these may turn your $10 into $100 in days. However, before making any cryptocurrency investments, do a technical analysis.

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