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Dogwifhat (WIF) Price Soars 14%, Enters Top 30 Crypto Assets

Dogwifhat (WIF) Price Soars 14%, Enters Top 30 Crypto Assets

Dogwifhat (WIF), a Solana meme coin, has increased by 14.7% to trade at $3.42 in the past day, as bulls indicate that inflows have resumed. The asset’s price increase coincides with meme coins seeing increased market share. As of this writing, the market capitalization of meme coins is $68.2 billion, up 6% over the previous day. 

Today, Solana tokens, a meme coin, saw 12% growth, surpassing the overall market as daily volumes reached $2.3 billion. Solana’s bullish trend and the inflows into meme currencies are related to the performance of WIF and other assets.

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Dogwifhat Secures a Top 30 Place 

The asset has garnered community support due to its consistent increase since its debut, particularly during the Q1 meme coin frenzy. Dogwifhat surpasses Filecoin (FIL) in being ranked among the top 30 cryptocurrency assets by market capitalization. Making it into the top 30 is a significant accomplishment for the Solana meme currencies that gave the community hope in Q1 2024. 

Dogwifhat’s market value is $3.4 billion, but its daily sales have increased by 50% to $935 million. Even with these improvements, the price is still below its peak of $4.85. On March 31, WIF pricing accomplished this milestone after the meme coin craze that saw significant asset inflows. 

Dogwifhat is trading 29% below its peak as bulls seek fresh investments following the market’s victories. The introduction of spot Ethereum ETFs and the excitement building up to the event sparked a market turnaround. US lawmakers’ support for crypto-related legislation has also helped cryptocurrency values.

Expanded Meme Coins Increase 

The top Solana meme coin by market capitalization, Dogwifhat, has sparked a surge in related assets. Kitty AI has been the biggest gainer, with triple-digit gains over the last 24 hours. The investment has increased by 668% today compared to gains of 24.5% and 63.7% in the same period for Wokak and Banan Cat. 

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