OKX Hit by Crypto Theft Due to SMS Notification Security Fail

WBTC Hacker Returns 11K ETH: Crypto Theft Update

WBTC Hacker Returns 11K ETH: Crypto Theft Update

In the wake of a shocking crypto incident, a fraudster absconded with a staggering $71 million worth of WBTC from a trader. However, a surprising turn of events ensued. On May 10, on-chain analytics platforms revealed that the perpetrator had begun refunding Ethereum. This development raised eyebrows within the global cryptocurrency community. The refunded amount totaled 4,676 $ETH, equivalent to $14.2 million, according to the provided information. This unexpected refunding activity sparked widespread interest and speculation among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This story has sparked rumors of a possible deal between the attacker and the victim. Meanwhile, it’s important to note that Ethereum (ETH) rose 2.13% to $3,028.87, while Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) traded at $62,944.96, up 2.99% over the previous day.  

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Ethereum Is Given to Crypto Attack Victim: What’s The Story? 

Data highlighted by ‘EmberCN’ reveals that the crypto trader, targeted by a phishing attempt, responded with a simple ‘ok’. Consequently, the attacker promptly initiated the transfer of ETH to the specified address. This sequence suggests a potential agreement between the two parties.

However, prior on-chain exchanges indicate that the two sides relocated their negotiations to Telegram. With the attacker refunding the massive amount of ETH, it might not be inaccurate to say that a deal has been made. 

Data from PeckShieldAlert, another tracker, revealed that 11,446.87 ETH, or 50% of the stolen WBTC funds, had already been restored.  

An Ethereum Trader Gets Phished 

Earlier this month, the address 0x1E227 was the target of a phishing scam, as previously reported by CoinGape Media. By unintentionally copying the incorrect address from a corrupted transfer history and sending 1155 WBTC to it, the trader lost enormous sums of WBTC. 

This tale unfolded, causing vibrations across the broader crypto ecosystem. Crypto detractors further capitalized on the opportunity by questioning user safety. But as previously indicated, the situation quickly took a dramatic turn when the attacker transferred the victim 51 ETH in an attempt to obtain the trader’s Telegram.

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