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Unlocking Cross-Chain NFT Staking: Your Comprehensive Guide

Unlocking Cross-Chain NFT Staking: Your Comprehensive Guide

Enterprise DAO, leveraging Terra Money’s technology, has enabled cross-chain NFT staking for Cosmos blockchains. Initially, this feature will be available for select NFT collections on Stargaze and Juno.
Cross-chain NFT staking will also benefit Terra Luna and Terra Classic.

The novel and distinctive NFT Staking method has just improved, which allows cryptocurrency investors to purchase non-fungible tokens and earn incentives and other benefits by locking them on a platform or protocol. Cross-chain NFT staking for Cosmos chains, including Terra, Stargaze, Juno, and Terra Classic, is now possible thanks to Enterprise DAO, powered by Terra Money.

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Enterprise Protocol Allows NFT Staking Across Chains

By initiating the cross-chain NFT staking, Enterprise DAO enabled cross-chain capability for Cosmos chains. The Terra-powered platform facilitates the quick and simple creation, upkeep, and expansion of DAOs inside Cosmos. The platform made Cross-chain token staking for Terra and non-Terra tokens possible in January.

Cross-chain NFT staking is initially permitted for specific NFT collections on Stargaze and Juno. Powered by Ark Protocol, the Stargaze and Juno NFT DAOs now provide advanced voting, treasury management, rewards distribution, and one-click staking with no code required.


Terra Luna Classic Will Receive Business Assistance

Terra Luna Classic approved the update for Terra Classic v2.4.2 in unanimity. To facilitate the onboarding of dApps on the Terra Luna Classic—most notably Enterprise DAO—this update will add IBC-Hooks to the chain. The date of the upgrade is set for March 25.

The community-led chain intends to use several strategies, such as token burns and staking, to bring back LUNC and repeat USTC to $1. Recently, developer groups have highlighted the story of utility among novice developers.


Prices for Terra and Terra Classic Tokens

Amidst a broader selloff in the cryptocurrency market, Terra (LUNA) dropped 11% in the last day. At the moment, the price of LUNA is $0.944. All of the token’s monthly gains are gradually being lost.

LUNC’s price also fell, plunging 13% to the $0.000150 mark. $0.000148 is the 24-hour low, and $0.000180 is the 24-hour high. Additionally, within the last 24 hours, trade volume has grown by 97%.

In the meantime, the price of USTC dropped 11% over the previous day and is now trading at $0.0309. $0.0299 is the 24-hour low, and $0.0347 is the 24-hour high.

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