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Tornado Cash Co-Founder Seeks Charges Drop

Tornado Cash Co-Founder Seeks Charges Drop

In the Tornado Cash case, Roman Storm asserts the First Amendment.
Their legal battle sparks support for Tornado Cash.
Storm’s defense challenges Tornado Cash as a business label.
Roman Storm, one of the co-founders of TornadoCash, a cryptocurrency mixing business, has filed a motion to have the accusations against him dropped. Storm has offered numerous legal defenses to refute the allegations against him since his arrest and subsequent charges stemming from his conduct in founding the Tornado Cash platform.

The defense cites the First Amendment, asserting its role in shielding code development as free expression. This constitutional clause plays a significant role, as it protects the act of developing code.

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Storm was accused of conducting an unregistered money-transferring company, conspiring to launder money, and conspiring to violate the International Economic Emergency Powers Act. The most severe penalty for these charges is up to twenty years in prison. Storm’s defense team maintains that the software work he and his associates did was a legitimate use of their First Amendment rights and that the indictment is gravely flawed.

Legal Justifications and Rebuttals of the Indictment

Storm’s legal team filed a motion that challenges the charges’ fundamental elements by bringing up several important issues. The defense contends that Tornado Cash cannot be classified as a “money transmitting business” under the terms of the indictment because users maintained control over their money and the company did not directly bill them.

The application questions a conspiracy as Tornado Cash co-founders transferred platform administration of its smart contracts long ago.

The defense stressed that Storm and Tornado Cash users engaging in illicit activities weren’t directly connected. They assert this premise. It’s crucial to argue Storm and colleagues’ legal accountability. They produced the software but aren’t responsible for users’ independent actions.

Community Reaction

The cryptocurrency and DeFi communities closely watched the case involving Roman Storm and the other Tornado Cash inventors. Transitioning, they scrutinized every detail, eagerly anticipating updates. As the legal proceedings unfolded, speculation swirled.

Holding Alexey Pertsev in custody in the Netherlands has ignited debates on the responsibilities of open-source software developers. These debates question regulators’ authority over digital currency matters, brought forth by Pertsev’s legal actions.

Uniting, the Bitcoin community has raised $1.5 million for accused developers’ legal defense fund, aiming to assist them against accusations. Many in the community perceive these accusations as threatening the foundational principles of freedom of speech, creativity, and privacy.

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