Top Crypto Gainers & Losers of The Week: Best and Worst Performers

Top Crypto Gainers & Losers of The Week: Best and Worst Performers

With a reading of 51 on the charts, the fear and greed index is about to go bearish. It is unexpected given that the market has been optimistic for a while and that, according to CoinmarketCap, numerous cryptocurrencies have achieved all-time highs. Since the market was not hopeful, most cryptocurrencies saw a significant downturn, resulting in the lowest trading volume of the month—$34 billion—and the most crucial worldwide market cap of $2.35 trillion. To assess the performance of the market, let’s talk about a few cryptocurrency winners and losers.

Largest Weekly Gainers in Crypto

A few cryptocurrencies have made good gains by defying the conditions of the cryptocurrency market, holding onto their prices and—more importantly—becoming the most significant gainers in the month. Turbo, SolCex, and Pendle are still rising among the top currency gainers.

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Turbo (TURBO)

is one of the top cryptocurrency gainers. With its 42% increase this week, Turbo is one of the top gainers. It dropped to a low of $0.003523 and is now trading at $0.006356. It has been rising for weeks, gaining 242% in the course of the month and reaching an all-time high of $0.00978 earlier in the month. The spike is not restricted to that.

Solex (SOLCEX)

This week, a centralized exchange on Solana called Solex has gained 29%, putting pressure on the market. With 167% gains in trading volume, it is among the most prominent cryptocurrency gainers, valued at $0.01577, and it may continue to rise as network activity is high.

Pendle (PENDLE)

has experienced a 16% price spike following a dip to $4.78. With a $949,137,077 market capitalization, Pendle is currently valued at $6.13. Despite the decent surge, PENDLE strives to reach the ATH target established two months ago.

The week’s biggest cryptocurrency loser

A couple of cryptocurrencies have suffered significant losses this week due to the market decline. Despite their earlier strong gains, BYTE, Gamestop, and ZKSync are the largest losers on the list of currency losers.

The byte (BYTE)

After experiencing a 43% loss over the past three days, BYTE is currently trading at $0.00001329, a significant decrease from its peak of $0.00003619. Since the March rally, its value has been steadily declining.


Gamestop used to be one of the top cryptocurrency gainers, but its recent decline has unsettled holders. The price of Gamestop is at $0.007681, down 36% from the previous week. The GME has now dropped 76% from its all-time high of $0.03207, which was reached two weeks ago.

ZkSync (ZK)

ZK is the native token of the ZKSync Network. Because of its ZK Airdrop, some controversy has been generated. The token price has steadily declined since its introduction, indicating the impact of the controversy on price performance. It dropped to $0.1803 after losing 37% of its value during the week.

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