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Top 4 Altcoins Set to Surge This Week: Investment Opportunities

Top 4 Altcoins Set to Surge This Week: Investment Opportunities

The excitement surrounding altcoins has peaked with the prospect of an altcoin rally affecting the cryptocurrency market. The expectation is increased since numerous cryptocurrencies are showing growing profits. Additionally, most investors benefited from the bullish market conditions, which allowed for gains; the market cap has risen to $2.57, and the fear and greed index shows that investor greed has increased. It has increased the likelihood of more significant gains in the days ahead.

In light of that, the best altcoins to purchase this week are STRK, PEPE, MANTA, and ETH.

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1. Ethereum

With its current value of $3,907.78, Ethereum has returned to a worthy value approaching the $4K milestone thanks to the approval of the Ethereum Spot ETF. Ethereum is trading at the same level as during the March boom but will rise even more. The price of Ethereum has increased by 25% over the past 24 hours. It is predicted to continue growing in the following few days.

Numerous cryptocurrency analysts have projected that after surpassing its ATH objective of $4,891.70, the price of ETH may increase to $6K.

2. Starknet (STRK)

With a 21% price increase in the past week, Starknet has demonstrated excellent long-term growth. This altcoin should see similar gains this week as its value steadily increases. This increase coincides with the recent award of a million dollars to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Of which, 845,205 STRK have already been unlocked, reflecting Vitalik’s faith in this cryptocurrency and raising Starknet’s demand in the market. After rising 6% during the previous day, the price of STRK is at $1.31.

3. Pepe Coin

After the PEPE price surged by 145% in May and broke several all-time high records, there seemed to be no end. Additionally, PEPE is very positive as it has increased 13% in the past day, bringing its value to $0.00001705. With a $7.17 billion market capitalization, PEPE is now the 18th cryptocurrency on CoinmarketCap. The trade volume has climbed to $2.93B after a 70% hike, indicating that the demand for this altcoin is still growing.

4. Manta Network (MANTA)

After reversing the significant downtrend resistance of $1.5, MANTA has had a positive move. Over the past week, MANTA has steadily increased, seeing a 23% rise, bringing its value to $1.77. Furthermore, with its 41% gains, the transactions have peaked for Manta Network, increasing its worth to $41,626,888. This increase follows a whale who gave the Manta Network 2,000 ETH, or $7.84 million.

The coming week will increase investor gains due to the endless demand for altcoins. Investors are monitoring the performance of all the popular cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, PEPE, and many more, as the crypto market shifts from this profitable May to June.

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