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Tiger Brokers Unveils Crypto Trading: BTC, ETH & More

Tiger Brokers Unveils Crypto Trading: BTC, ETH & More

As the first technology brokerage in Hong Kong to provide a comprehensive platform supporting traditional securities and virtual assets, Tiger Brokers (Hong Kong) has achieved a key milestone by launching its virtual asset trading services. 

Professional investors in Hong Kong now have access to a wide range of investment options through its flagship platform, Tiger Trade. These options include stocks, options, futures, U.S. Treasury bonds, and the trading and management of 18 virtual assets, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). 

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Integrating both traditional and digital assets onto one platform simplifies managing multiple accounts. Consequently, investors gain exceptional simplicity and flexibility for global asset allocation. With this approach, complexities across various brokers and platforms diminish, streamlining the investment process.

Tiger International CFO’s Statement and Competitive Trading Rates 

Tiger International’s Chief Financial Officer, Zeng Qingfei, proudly announced the company’s pioneering move in offering virtual asset trading services. Highlighting Tiger Brokers’ commitment to adapting to investors’ evolving demands, he emphasized their dedication. Furthermore, he stressed the strategic importance of providing investors with diverse investment options. This expansion of the product portfolio reflects Tiger Brokers’ proactive approach to navigating dynamic market conditions.

Additionally, Tiger Brokers wants to improve the customer experience by offering a single trading platform that simplifies managing segments of investment minds. To enhance its extensive offers, Tiger Brokers has added competitive trading rates, with virtual asset trading commissions as low as 0.2% of the transaction value, and waived custody fees. Moreover, the instantaneous settlement of virtual assets and 24/7 trading availability further improve accessibility and flexibility for investors, aligning with Tiger Brokers’ commitment to providing optimal trading conditions.  

Requirements and Upcoming Plans for Virtual Asset Trading Services at Tiger Brokers 

Tiger’s virtual asset trading services are now limited to professional investors in Hong Kong. Consequently, to maintain investor interests and regulatory compliance, they’ve implemented new regulations. After completing the necessary investor study and agreements, qualified users can utilize these services. This includes residents with investment portfolios above NT$8 million or corporations with assets exceeding NT$40 million.

In the future, Tiger Brokers hopes to democratize access to digital asset markets by offering its virtual asset trading services to regular investors, pending regulatory clearance. To further improve its offers, the business is also actively considering launching spot deposit and withdrawal services for virtual assets. In the field of virtual asset trading, these major efforts demonstrate Tiger Brokers’ unwavering dedication to innovation, diversity, and excellence.


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