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Solana v1.18.15 Mainnet Upgrade: SOL Price Rally to $250?

Solana v1.18.15 Mainnet Upgrade: SOL Price Rally to $250?

Validators are being urged to update to a new stable version to strengthen the Solana blockchain, and Solana is getting ready for another mainnet upgrade. Amid the meme coin craze and the overwhelming demand for platforms on the Solana-based blockchain, the Solana team is preparing to avoid strain and congestion.

Readiness for Solana v. 18.15 Upgrade

As per a post by Solana Status on June 10, the SOL team has now recommended the v1.18.15 release for general adoption for the mainnet upgrade. The primary goal of the upgrade was to address significant network congestion brought on by the launch of Solana-based meme currencies. The SOL team requested the mainnet beta validator to update to the v1.18.15 release.

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Important updates included in the upgrade include bumping the version to 1.18.15, a stable release fit for Mainnet Beta use. The GitHub release includes metrics for threshold failures, bugfix clean_queue to push valid transactions back into the queue, and certificate authority (ca) certificates added to the docker image. Furthermore, scheduler optimization will be integrated as a worker precompiling verification, and shallow threshold checks will only be made on logs during consensus mechanisms.

Friends it’s time to go 100% v1.18.15 on @solana mainnet-beta. Please update when <5% delinquent stake.

v1.8 has landed bros. pic.twitter.com/Sou5A5pOO3

— Rex St. John (@rexstjohn) June 10, 2024

Validators are requested to report any problems they see while monitoring the nodes and to update when the delinquent stake is less than 5%. The update is highly anticipated and resolves issues on the network created by a previous update, so developers and validators prepare for it.

SOL Price will reach $250

On the last day, the price of SOL increased by 1%, now trading at $159.62. $158.83 is the 24-hour low, and $162.92 is the 24-hour high. But in the past day, the trading volume has dropped by 20%, suggesting that traders aren’t as interested as they once were.

Analysts predict Solana, which trades at $260.06, may reach new all-time highs during this bull run. The price of SOL increased to a peak of $210 in March of this year, but a number of factors, including the postponement of the Fed rate reduction, caused the surge to recede. Before a subsequent rise to $250, traders will once more aim for $210.


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