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Solana Price Jumps 5% Post $380M SOL Transfer to Coinbase

Solana Price Jumps 5% Post $380M SOL Transfer to Coinbase

Even though several significant whale transactions have been made on the Coinbase exchange today, the price of Solana has increased by almost 5%. Notably, this action has raised questions about how the transfers would affect Solana’s cost.  

Even while the prices of other significant cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, have declined, the SOL price has continued to rise today. 

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Large-scale whale transfers lead to speculation about Solana prices 

Whale Alert reported four large transfers of Solana (SOL). Today, this platform tracks large cryptocurrency transactions, sparking speculation in the crypto community. An anonymous whale, identified by the wallet address “6EW44.EU1WC,” sent Coinbase 298,000 SOL, roughly $46.24 million, in the most recent transaction.  

Subsequently, “7Fo18…sbQGo,” a further unidentified whale, transferred an astounding 1.56 million SOL, or around $242.26 million, to the same exchange. It’s interesting to note that between April and May of 2023, this whale acquired a sizeable position of Solana on Coinbase, paying an average of 22 USD per SOL. 

In the meantime, a whale using the wallet address “BA4c1…ogKQ” made a third transaction, sending Coinbase 297,000 SOL, or almost $46.18 million. Similarly, an unidentified trader with the wallet address “Cb2Jq…8x3qQ” moved 298,000 SOL, totalling $46.34 million, to the same crypto exchange. 

The price of Solana has been the subject of conjecture due to these noteworthy transactions. According to others, they might represent profit-booking chances that investors frequently take advantage of during market upswings.

Cost & Efficiency Amid Skyrocketing Expectations 

The influx of such vast sums of Solana into Coinbase has raised eyebrows, asking questions about the reasons behind these transactions and their consequences for the broader market. With Solana gaining traction as a popular blockchain platform recognised for its high throughput, any substantial swings in SOL holdings tend to grab attention and feed market speculation. 

These transactions show the increasing interest in Solana, even though it could be more apparent if they result from institutional players or individual investors taking advantage of the altcoin’s recent price swings. The cryptocurrency world is excited to see how these massive transactions will affect Solana’s pricing dynamics in the upcoming days as investors keep a close eye on these developments. 

It is noteworthy, nevertheless, that the price of Solana has continued to rise today despite the large transfers. As of this writing, Solana’s trading volume had increased by 79.72% to $3.14 billion, and its price had risen by 4.55% to $155.30. 

According to CoinGlass data, the Solana Futures Open Interest increased by 1.66% to $1.98 billion yesterday, suggesting a positive trend in the overall market.

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