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Snapchat Crackdown on AI-Generated Content Begins

Snapchat Crackdown on AI-Generated Content Begins

Snapchat is taking steps to address the issue of AI-generated content.
The social media platform is participating in this exercise alongside Google.
Additional measures to prevent the misuse of AI are gaining traction in the digital economy.

In response to the increasing prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Snapchat has implemented measures to identify and address AI-generated content.

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Obtaining watermarks for Snapchat AI content

With the rapid progress of AI tools, distinguishing between what is genuine and what is not has become increasingly challenging. As a result, there has been a need to label AI-generated content. Snapchat has announced that It plans to implement a watermark on all AI-generated content. Engadget reports that the watermark would have a ghost-like appearance with sparkles alongside it. One can observe the image or content being saved to their camera roll or exported by the user.

Just like with other watermarks, the placement of the icon seems impossible to determine. Thus, the Snapchat team is diligently working on the offering, which is set to be officially launched soon.

Interestingly, the social media platform has recently introduced tags for in-app content following implementing an AI marker for externally visible images. This Extend tool, which creates the effect of a zoomed-out image, clearly showcases its advanced AI capabilities.

Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap Inc., keenly understood the potential pitfalls that AI-generated content could create. In a previous statement, Spiegel wrote an article emphasizing the importance of not assuming that generative AI outputs are accurate or accurately represent actual events. Generative AI has the potential to make errors, leading to outputs that may be inaccurate, inappropriate, or incorrect.

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OpenAI introduces a range of new and innovative AI products.

In addition to Snapchat’s decision, other major tech companies like Alphabet Inc. have rejected AI-generated media content. Numerous technology firms and AI companies have recently released increasingly sophisticated AI tools. OpenAI recently introduced Sora, an innovative tool that can transform text descriptions into videos, following the successful release of ChatGPT.

This tool can understand detailed textual descriptions and convert them into high-quality video clips. Its unique characteristics led renowned actor and producer Tyler Perry to suspend construction on a movie studio worth $800 million. He was surprised by the impressive capabilities of the new Large Language Model (LLM). Based on his observations, the celebrity predicts that AI will soon replace numerous jobs in the film industry.

OpenAI has also unveiled Voice Engine, a remarkable AI tool capable of replicating a person’s voice using a brief text input and a 15-second recording sample. This specific application has been provided to a limited group of testers responsible for giving feedback on the possible risks associated with using it.

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