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Skywards Integrates sUSDe to Aave V3

Skywards Integrates sUSDe to Aave V3

Skywards wants to integrate sUSDe with Ethereum’s Aave V3.
Ethena names its staked dollar version sUSDe.
The Aave governance process is now in motion.

One of the main players in the DeFi ecosystem, Skywards, has proposed integrating Ethena’s synthetic dollar, sUSDe, into Aave V3, an Ethereum-based wallet. This suggestion, which indicates possible improvements to the Aave protocol, comes after an agreement established during the TEMP CHECK stage.

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Skywards is adding sUSDe to Aave V3

making Ethereum’s USDe a desirable asset for borrowers in the Aave ecosystem due to its reliable crypto-native solution and significant yield-earning potential. 0x9d is the suggested contract address for sUSDe. With intentions to use CAPO’s oracle to establish dependable pricing feeds.

Chaos Labs will supply the risk criteria for the integration, demonstrating Aave’s dedication to strict risk management procedures. Interestingly, Skywards is spearheading this initiative, focusing on transparent governance procedures and community-driven decision-making.

The proposal is a big step toward growing Aave’s portfolio and drawing in a wide spectrum of customers looking for reliable and profitable assets in the DeFi market. The input of the community and service providers will be vital in determining the ultimate decision as the project moves forward.

The proposal progresses to the ARFC snapshot stage, followed by an AIP vote for final confirmation and enforcement upon a positive outcome. Should the proposal succeed in the Aave V3 governance process on Ethereum, it might significantly alter the DeFi environment.

Proposal to Integrate ezETH from the Renzo Protocol into Aave V3

Aave is currently conducting a short-term community survey to decide whether to support Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) ezETH, Renzo Protocol’s token, on Aave V3 Ethereum. The plan is to increase the diversification of the loan and staking category and add a new asset class to Aave.

The productivity of Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) as staking assets has led to a notable increase in their popularity recently. Tokens correlated strongly with Ethereum, used as collateral for borrowing ETH in yield-leveraged staking methods since eMode’s launch.

Adding ezETH to Aave is anticipated to boost interest in ezETH, increasing profits for both Aave and Renzo Protocol. This move is also expected to enhance ezETH’s peg stability and liquidity. The proposal covers several important key performance indicators (KPIs) for the Renzo Protocol, such as the total supply (526K+ Renzo Restaked ETH), the 24-hour trading volume ($80.2 million), and the total value locked ($1.9 billion).

During this interim check, if both parties agree, the proposal will advance through subsequent phases, including Snapshot and ARFC, and the AIP vote will finalize it. Interested parties can consult Renzo Protocol’s website, documentation, GitHub repository, audits, and Chainlink Data Feed for additional information and documentation.

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