Shiba Inu Exec Warns Bearish Outcome as Apple Exits X

Shiba Inu Exec Warns Bearish Outcome as Apple Exits X

Unexpectedly, Apple stopped following any accounts on X (formerly Twitter) and removed all of its messages from the network. This move is being made amid increased hostilities between Apple and X’s owner, Elon Musk. Recently, Musk attacked Apple for incorporating OpenAI technology into its products.

Executive Shiba Inu Offers Opinion On Apple’s Leaving X

Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) marketing lead, Lucie, took X to voice her worries. This move, in her opinion, is very bearish. “Apple departed from X. As the owner of everything Apple, I think this is a very bearish move, Tim Cook,” she remarked.

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Her comments, therefore, mirror wider market concerns regarding the tech giant’s choice. The Shiba Inu executive further described the recent development as a “crazy move.” The conflict started when Musk expressed his displeasure with Apple using OpenAI’s technology in iPhones.

Elon Musk declared earlier this week that “Apple products would be banned in my companies, which is a security no-no” if Apple integrated OpenAI into the operating system. This audacious statement raises the possibility of operational hiccups in Musk’s businesses. These are SpaceX, Tesla, and X, locations where Apple products are frequently utilized.

Musk’s worries stem from Apple’s recent Siri update. The tech behemoth revealed its intention to improve Siri by incorporating OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This upgrade allows Siri to send requests—including ones involving documents and images—to ChatGPT for additional handling as part of the Apple Intelligence effort.

Furthermore, Musk has openly expressed his scepticism regarding this integration. He berated Apple’s skills, claiming that the business needs to be more smart to create artificial intelligence. He also sparked privacy concerns, charging Apple with carelessness regarding customer data. “Once Apple gives your data to OpenAI, they have no idea what’s happening.” Musk remarked, “They’re selling you down the river.”

Musk proposed strict security measures for his enterprises in response to these privacy concerns. To guard against possible security lapses, he suggested that anyone visiting his offices leave their Apple gadgets within a Faraday cage. This extreme step reveals Musk’s long-standing concerns about the Apple-OpenAI partnership.

Elon Musk Releasing OpenAI Lawsuit

The history of Musk and OpenAI’s continuing conflict is complicated. Musk co-founded OpenAI and was one of its early backers, although he eventually cut ties with the company. Musk has pulled out of his lawsuit against Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI. The business was charged in the lawsuit with putting money before people.

Furthermore, Musk said that OpenAI has abandoned its original goals and essentially become a Microsoft subsidiary. Musk’s assertions, however, were refuted by OpenAI. The company contended that Tesla’s CEO had previously pushed them to obtain substantial finance and supported their move to a for-profit business model.

Furthermore, contrary to Musk’s assertions, OpenAI insisted that there had been no violation of the founding agreement or pledge to make their technology open-source. This dispute significantly impacts the tech industry. Meanwhile, Apple’s withdrawal from X may indicate a change in the company’s social media approach and attitude toward Musk.

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