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Polygon zkEVM Beta: Operations Resume Post Emergency Fix

Polygon zkEVM Beta: Operations Resume Post Emergency Fix

Due to a sequencer issue, a 10-hour outage affects Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta.

“Emergency Repair Implemented for Polygon zkEVM; PoS and CDK Remain Unaffected”

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“Polygon zkEVM undergoes emergency repair while PoS and CDK remain unaffected, resolving the issue swiftly.”

The beta version of Polygon’s zkEVM went down for about ten hours this past weekend. An L1 reorg caused a sequencer issue for the zkEVM Mainnet Beta. However, Polygon PoS and CDK were unaffected by this problem, which was unique to Polygon zkEVM.

Polygon zkEVM Restarts Following Emergency Repair

After the Emergency Council for zkEVM Mainnet Beta developed an emergency patch, the zkEVM Mainnet Beta is back up and running. “Polygon zkEVM Core Team triggered the emergency condition to implement necessary modifications addressing L1 settlement issues impacting system performance.”

The emergency has been removed once the work is finished. Nevertheless, All upcoming system updates will be subject to a 10-day timelock before deployment.

The Polygon team said in a statement that they will post a thorough post-mortem study on the @0xPolygonFdn forum early next week. This effort ensures that stakeholders know the platform’s operational status and upcoming developments while providing transparency and insight into the recent events surrounding the zkEVM Mainnet Beta.

Growing Support for Layer 2 Centralization

Jarrod Watts, a Polygon developer, talked about the recent zkEVM issue over the weekend and emphasized its importance in the discussion surrounding Layer 2 (L2) upgradeability.

A problem with zkEVM caused block production to stop, and the Security Council had to declare an emergency to hasten improvements. After upgrading the system to resolve the issue, the team removed the emergency state and resumed regular operations of the chain.

L2 upgradeability is crucial, as Watts pointed out because, without it, L2s can’t support L1 enhancements in the future, address faults, or patch vulnerabilities. Although L2 upgradeability has dangers and isn’t flawless, he admitted that it’s essential for continued innovation and progress.

Furthermore, Watts noted that the existing status of L2 networks raises concerns regarding the possibility of malicious upgrades, notwithstanding their rarity. He conceded that there was merit to the claims that certain L1 networks are less centralized than L2s.

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