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Pepe Coin Soars 13%, Hits New ATH as Meme Coins Rebound

Pepe Coin Soars 13%, Hits New ATH as Meme Coins Rebound

The famous cryptocurrency Pepe coin, which has a frog as its theme, has once again soared to previously unheard-of heights, defying the general market perception that it is experiencing a price drop. PEPE has achieved a new all-time high during the recovery of the meme coin market, securing its place and attracting considerable interest from the worldwide cryptocurrency community.

With weekly profits above 50% and a price surge exceeding 100% over the last month, the meme coin has become a darling among investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market. Here is a quick summary of the market data for the Pepe currency as of right now.

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Pepe Coin Boom: A More Detailed Examine

Notably, PEPE started the year off positively when the token saw a bull run in March. Furthermore, it held above crucial price levels and kept pumping to new all-time highs.

Today, May 25, Pepe Coin reached a new all-time high of $0.00001559, generating considerable attention from investors. As previously mentioned, this ATH follows a 13% price surge.

Even though Coinglass reported $4.58 million in liquidations, the token is surging today, drawing more interest from investors in the meme coin with a frog theme.

Pepe coin recently gained the 20th rank on the list of the top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, as previously reported by CoinGape Media. Combined with the above events, PEPE presents a very optimistic market picture.

To profit from this price surge, prominent cryptocurrency trader Jwynn. Eth also transferred an astounding 491 billion PEPE to Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The trader believes PEPE is still cheap.

PEPE Cost Rises 13%

PEPE’s price is now trading at $0.00001548, up 12.33% on the last day as of this writing. $0.00001366 and $0.00001559 are its 24-hour highs and lows, respectively.

The data from Coinglass revealed a mixed attitude among investors, with OI rising 21.58% while derivatives volume fell 41.05%.

At 74, the RSI kept rising in overbought territory, igniting investor expectations of a possible impending price fall.

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