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OMNI Network (OMNI) Volatility Surges Post Coinbase Listing

OMNI Network (OMNI) Volatility Surges Post Coinbase Listing

Omni Network is preparing to launch on Coinbase, where users will be able to trade the OMNI token. The OMNI token will also be listed on various other exchanges. 

The price outlook indicates a significant level of volatility unfolding. 

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Coinbase has recently revealed its plans to include Omni Network on the Ethereum network (ERC-20 token) by adding its newly released token OMNI. 

OMNI will be available to trade against BTC and USDT. 

The American crypto trading platform, OMNI, warns investors to avoid sending OMNI tokens through networks other than its spot exchange. This is because OMNI trading is only supported on the platform’s spot exchange, and sending them through other channels could result in lost funds. Trading of OMNI on Coinbase is scheduled to begin on April 17, pending fulfillment of liquidity conditions. 

There are plans to introduce trading pair options for the OMNI-USD token gradually. However, this depends on the availability of an adequate token supply. OMNI also offers trading options for cryptocurrencies such as BTC, USDT, and BNB. 

The recent launch of Omni Network’s token, a significant achievement for their ecosystem, coincided with the announcement of the Coinbase listing.

The Omni team has meticulously crafted the token over several years. The Omni Network aims to revolutionize Decentralized Applications (DApps) by integrating Ethereum’s scaling solutions into a unified system. However, this is a blockchain platform that enables seamless communication between Ethereum rollups. 

Right after the OMNI token was launched, the platform made claims and staking options available. So, eligible addresses can now claim their Genesis airdrop. Trading for the OMNI token began on the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance at 8 AM EST. 

Some jurisdictions restrict trading OMNI, which may not support it in those areas.

Omni Network Receives Strong Backing from Ecosystem Participants 

It is worth mentioning that Binance recently included the Omni Network in its Launchpool. The Ethereum integrated rollup layer has become the 52nd project on Binance’s platform for promising ventures. Through this strategic partnership, Launchpool gained access to 3.5% of the total token supply of 100 million. This has allowed them to develop an intelligent approach to encouraging the circulation and adoption of OMNI. 

In addition to Coinbase, Ether. Fi, a well-known liquid staking protocol, recently announced its support for the Omni Network. They have signed a significant $600 million delegation deal with the network operators. The alliance focuses on enhancing the security and performance of the Omni Network.

After the Coinbase listing, the price of OMNI has dropped by 22.43%. The token is currently trading at $5.28, showing significant market volatility in a downward direction.

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