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Notcoin (NOT) Price Surges 350% in a Week, Hits New All-Time High

Notcoin (NOT) Price Surges 350% in a Week, Hits New All-Time High

Notcoin (NOT), a cryptocurrency based on Telegram, has seen a notable upswing, with weekly gains exceeding 350%. Over the weekend, the overall cryptocurrency market steadied. However, Notcoin (NOT) saw a 40% increase on Sunday, hitting a record high of $0.027. It has a market capitalization of $2.439 billion and is trading at $0.02373.

Daily Transaction Volumes for Notcoin Explode

During the recent rise, Notcoin has experienced a 220% increase in daily transaction volume, pushing it over $4.5 billion and making it the fourth-highest-valued cryptocurrency.

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Analysts credit Not’s effective integration with Telegram’s large user base for the cryptocurrency’s recent price spike. Despite the initial lackluster reception, the recent airdrop has seen a positive turnaround, as evidenced by the token’s price increase.

Not network transactions have grown significantly, consistent with its growing popularity. Users can earn tokens through the platform’s easy games and task fulfillment options. “Earnings missions,” which allow for passive token accumulation and increase user involvement, were recently introduced by Not.

Notcoin’s simple gameplay and social media integration put it in a good position to profit from the expanding play-to-earn trend. According to market analysts, the price of Bitcoin may be aiming for increases of up to $0.1.

Whale Activity Surges

The price of $NOT has seen a notable spike, according to on-chain data company Lookonchain, which has increased by more than 400% over the last seven days.

According to Lookonchain, a prominent investor known as a “whale” has an unrealized profit of $862,000 on $NOT. Before $NOT was listed, this investor bought 46.4 billion $wNOT for 50,550 $TON ($278,000).

One $ not can be obtained for every 1,000 $wNOT. The whale realized a profit of almost $862,000. On May 21, the whale turned all 46.4 billion $wNOT into 46.4 million $ not. Since then, it has held the cryptocurrency.

As long as Telegram’s small apps remain popular, the Notcoin bulls will continue pushing for higher price objectives.


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