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LUNC & USTC Surge: Terra Luna Classic Holders On Record high

LUNC & USTC Surge: Terra Luna Classic Holders On Record high

Reaching 5.5 million accounts is a new milestone for Terra Luna Classic.
Accounts for Terra Classic are even higher than those for popular cryptocurrencies like Cardano and Shiba Inu.
The last day saw a 5% increase in LUNC and USTC prices ahead of a major upgrade.

As the number of USTC and LUNC holders surpassed 5.5 million, Terra Luna Classic has achieved a significant milestone. Although the pace of growth is not as high as it was during the Terra Luna crisis in 2022, the number of wallets containing ecosystem tokens for the Terra Luna Classic is still growing, mostly as a result of support from Binance and other cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Wallets for Terra Luna Classic Increase by Over 5.5 Million

Based on statistics from ATOMScan, a Cosmos blockchain explorer, the total number of accounts holding LUNC and USTC has reached a new record of 5.5 million. Since the Terra Luna Classic community took over to resurrect the chain with the help of validators and developers, the number of wallets has climbed from 5 million.

Accounts for Terra Classic are even higher than those for popular cryptocurrencies like Cardano and Shiba Inu. There are more over 4.6 million wallets on the Cardano network overall, according to latest sources. Furthermore, research from Etherscan and ShibariumScan indicates that 1.38 million people own Shiba Inus.

Terra Luna Classic wallet figures suggest that users are still holding onto their LUNC and USTC in the hopes that prices will rise during the bull market, even as the number of wallets for popular cryptocurrencies continues to rise amid growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

Terra Luna Classic
Terra Luna Classic Source: AtomScan

The Terra Luna Classic burn campaign, backed by cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has increased the price of LUNC. Up to now, 53.48 billion LUNC tokens have been burned by Binance. In order to assist the community in lowering the token supply, other cryptocurrency exchanges and projects also burn LUNC. WEEX recently pledged to use trading fees on spot and futures trading pairs to burn LUNC.


USTC and LUNC Prices Increase by 5%

The price of LUNC surged 5% from the solid support level of $0.000123, the 24-hour low. $0.000123 and $0.000134 are the 24-hour low and high, respectively. A 40% decrease in trading volume over the last day suggests that traders are becoming less interested.

Over 2% of LUNC futures open interest (OI) has increased in the previous 24 hours, and in the last 4 hours, it has increased by 4%. In the meantime, 1000LUNC has increased by 2% over the last few hours on Binance and Bybit. The impending significant v2.4.2 upgrade is the cause of the most recent good feeling.

In the previous day, the price of USTC increased by 2% as well. At present, the price is trading at $0.0259, having had a 24-hour low of $0.0243 and a high of $0.0266, respectively. In addition, over the last day, trade volume has dropped by 40%.

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