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Jasmy Coin (JASMY) Surges 12% Post Panasonic Alliance

Jasmy Coin (JASMY) Surges 12% Post Panasonic Alliance

When JASMY Coin, listed on Binance, announced a deal with tech giant Panasonic, its value surged.”
By combining Panasonic’s experience and JASMY’s Personal Data Locker, the partnership seeks to transform IoT technology.
The market reacts favourably, as JASMY Coin’s price rises by more than 12%, indicating investor optimism in the partnership’s prospects.
JASMY’s price experienced a spectacular 12% price surge following a revolutionary announcement. This spike reflects the market’s enthusiasm for the JASMY-Panasonic partnership, signaling expectations of IoT technology improvements.

With the help of Panasonic’s IoT know-how and Jasmy’s cutting-edge Personal Data Locker (PDL) technology, the alliance seeks to combine decentralized databases with IoT devices. Together, they envision a groundbreaking platform revolutionizing how data is utilized and managed in the Internet of Things.

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The IoT Platform’s Features and Advantages

The next IoT platform is the result of JASMY and Panasonic working together, and it has a tonne of features intended to push the limits of blockchain and IoT connectivity. The platform’s foundation relies on Web3 technology and agile development processes, ensuring a responsive and dynamic ecosystem poised for innovation.

The platform’s intrinsic openness is a key component of its popularity. The platform fosters a vibrant ecosystem of innovation and cooperation by welcoming various user apps and upholding an inclusive mentality.

Beyond being functional, the platform’s adaptability is demonstrated by its interoperability with various sectors and use cases. The endless possibilities promise greater efficacy and efficiency in deploying applications and providing services, ranging from healthcare to logistics.


Price Increase and Market Reaction

It comes as no surprise: the JASMY-Panasonic collaboration announcement shocked the market, sparking a flurry of activity. Following the news, investors seized the opportunity, sending JasmyCoin’s price soaring by an amazing 11.30%.

JASMY coin trading chart
JASMY coin trading chart. Source: Trading View

According to the most recent market statistics, JasmyCoin’s live price is $0.0236, and its remarkable 24-hour trading volume is $188.5 million. With a $1.1 billion market capitalization and 49.3 billion coins in circulation, JASMY has made a name for itself in the cryptocurrency industry.

The price increase and positive investor sentiment are evidence of the confidence and excitement surrounding the JASMY-Panasonic relationship. As the IoT platform development gains momentum, everyone is watching JASMY, poised to drive a new era of creativity and collaboration in the dynamic blockchain and IoT technology field.

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