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Immutable & Polygon Partner for $100M Web3 Gaming Fund

Immutable & Polygon Partner for $100M Web3 Gaming Fund

IGF, aiming to revolutionize Web3 gaming, raises $30 million in its first round of funding. 

Immutable and Polygon’s $100 million fund will help early-stage gaming companies grow.

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Investments in Web3 gaming are surging, and IGF wants to spearhead the change. 

An agreement to create a $100 million fund specifically for Web3 gaming has been revealed by Polygon Labs, a notable contributor to the blockchain infrastructure, and Immutable, a blockchain development business. This collaboration aims to accelerate the growth of blockchain-based early-stage gaming firms, guaranteeing significant expansion in this rapidly developing industry. 

Cooperation and Financial Goals 

The Inevitable Games Fund (IGF), a recently established fund, aims to highlight the potential of Web3 gaming independent of the underlying blockchain technology without respect to ecosystems. This approach focuses on industrial development and innovation generation and provides many investment opportunities. King River Capital, a venture capital firm that selects and supports the most promising gaming firms using its experience investing in digital assets, will spearhead the fund’s investment strategy. 

Immutable and Polygon Labs’ proficiency in gaming and blockchain technology allows the fund to recognize and nurture up-and-coming ventures. Nonetheless, the cooperation gained from several existing alliances and shared investments offers a platform for a concerted push in the Web3 game sector. 

Fund Objectives and Investing Concentration 

Raising $30 million during its Initial Funding Round, The Inevitable Games Fund has already achieved a significant first milestone, demonstrating strong faith in the company’s leadership and goal. The fund aims to meet the growing need for a cutting-edge gaming experience powered by blockchain technology, giving players unparalleled control over their virtual environments. 

As a result, investments will be concentrated in several gaming ecosystem sectors, including infrastructure providers and game creation studios, which are laying the foundation for the next wave of Web3 games. Using this strategy, the fund hopes to promote the game industry’s use of blockchain technology and create a more dynamic and interesting online environment. 

Web-3 Gaming Environment 

Blockchain-based games generate billions of dollars in revenue for the Web3 gaming industry, which is expanding rapidly. This surge in investment follows a widespread realization of the potential blockchain technology presents to the game industry as it searches for novel approaches to user interaction, distribution, and development. However, the Inevitable Game Fund, which aims to hasten the transition of gaming into a decentralized and consumer-focused industry, is among the pioneers of this shift. 

At a crucial moment in the Web3 gaming sector, investors and developers rush to capitalize on blockchain-based gaming’s rising interest. Launching simultaneously, the fund targets early-stage businesses. Expectedly, it will significantly influence gaming’s direction by financing creative initiatives reshaping virtual interactions.

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