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ICP Surpasses ADA! Internet Computer Now #1 in Development

ICP Surpasses ADA! Internet Computer Now #1 in Development

According to data, Cardano (ADA) has lost ground to Internet Computer (ICP) as the top cryptocurrency in this metric.

The Most Developed Crypto Project in the Past Month Is Internet Computer

The on-chain analytics company Santiment has published the most recent rankings of cryptocurrency projects according to the “Development Activity” criterion in a new post on X.

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The Development Activity counts the total work contributed to a cryptocurrency project’s public GitHub repositories by the project’s developers.

Forked Projects: Decoding the “Commits” Metric in Crypto Development

In the crypto world, gauging development activity often relies on counting “commits” to a project’s code repository. Each commit represents a change made to the code, suggesting a team’s dedication and progress. However, this seemingly straightforward metric throws a curveball when it comes to “forked” projects.

Here’s the twist: a fork is essentially a copy of an existing project, allowing developers to build upon it. While this fosters innovation, it also means inherited commits – the original project’s changes automatically appear in the fork’s history. This creates a misleading picture, where credits for work by the original developers get mixed up with contributions from the forking team.

Imagine two chefs

Chef A creates a delicious recipe, and Chef B forks it, adding their own twist. If we judge their efforts solely by counting ingredients used (think code changes), Chef B might unfairly appear more “active” due to Chef A’s groundwork. This flawed assessment can hinder accurate comparisons and recognition for developers truly driving innovation in forked projects.

So, how can we get a clearer picture of development activity? While commits remain valuable, relying solely on them can be deceptive. Exploring alternative metrics like active contributors, lines of code added/removed, and time spent developing can provide a more nuanced understanding of a project’s true progress, especially in the context of forks.

Santiment’s indicator monitors the work completed concerning “events” to address this problem. Any action performed on the repository, such as a code push, an issue interaction, or the creation of a comment, is called an event.

This approach creates events entirely during the forking process rather than being carried over from the previous project. Consequently, this method of measuring Development Activity may be more precise.

The cryptocurrency projects that made the top 10 over the last 30 days are listed below, according to each one’s development activities:

Internet Computer ICP Development Activity
The digital asset market’s rankings according to this metric | Source: Santiment on X

Development Activity Rankings: Internet Computer Leads, Ethereum Climbs

With the project recording nearly 467 events, Internet Computer has been the top cryptocurrency based on Development Activity over the last month, as the table illustrates.

ICP has surpassed competitors like Cardano and Polkadot because the developers have significantly increased their output since the coin’s previous notable lower position on the list.

Ethereum, the second-largest digital asset by market capitalization, has also improved, moving from tenth to ninth place.

What does an Internet computer’s high development activity mean now? A high Development Activity typically indicates the developers’ dedication to the project.

The indicator is one factor to consider when determining whether a project appears legitimate. Rug pulls might have little development activity since the people who created them would need more motivation to keep the project updated and better over time.

However, the price is typically not directly correlated with the development activity. Even so, ICP’s position at the top of this metric indicates that the asset is likely here to stay for the long run.

ICP Cost

As of this writing, Internet Computer is up 5% over the previous week and is trading at roughly $13.3.

Internet Computer ICP Price Chart
Over the past few days, Internet computer prices have been sideways consolidating. ICPUSD on TradingView is the source.


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