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Football Meets Crypto: PSG Joins $CHZ Blockchain as Validator

Football Meets Crypto: PSG Joins $CHZ Blockchain as Validator

  • PSG achieves a historic first in sports technology by being the first sports club in the world to validate a blockchain.
  • With PSG’s approval, The Chiliz Chain acquires legitimacy and strengthens the team’s dedication to web3 innovation.
  • This action establishes a new benchmark for sports teams utilizing blockchain technology and demonstrates PSG’s commitment to fan-centric engagement.

By accepting the ground-breaking role of the official blockchain validator on the Chiliz Chain, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has strengthened its partnership with Chiliz blockchain and Socios.com. This action makes PSG the first sports team in history to validate a blockchain. The Chiliz Chain has experienced notable growth, with the price of CHZ rising by 7.63% on the last day and 22.04% on the previous seven days. It is trading at $0.1303 with a trading volume of $170,128,666 during the previous 24 hours.

Paris Saint-Germain highlights its role as an official blockchain validator, ensuring blockchain integrity and efficient operation. This move strengthens PSG’s relationship with Chiliz and sets a model for global sports organizations to embrace blockchain creatively.

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Web3 Transformation Leads by PSG with Fan-Centric Strategy

PSG, known for innovative tactics, leads sports sector’s move to Web3. It introduced PSG Fan Token, linking to its Web3 ecosystem, pioneering blockchain use.

The PSG Fan Token serves as more than just a digital asset; it embodies PSG’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced fan engagement and direct connections. Moreover, the token enables the club to maintain control over its digital ecosystem. Additionally, it offers the global fan base exclusive experiences and ownership of digital assets.

PSG’s approach is consistent with Web3’s tenets, emphasizing fan empowerment, transparency, and decentralization. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) aims to foster a more interactive and inclusive fan experience by leveraging blockchain technology and the PSG Fan Token. Through this initiative, fans can actively engage in the club’s journey, both on and off the field.


PSG and Chiliz Lead Innovation with Revenue Strategy and Blockchain Hackathons

Paris Saint-Germain and Chiliz are set to push innovation in the sports industry with blockchain hackathons at Parc Des Princes stadium. French and foreign developers collaborate to generate ideas for Chiliz Chain and Web3 technology.

These hackathons promote Web3 technology innovation, especially in the sports and fan engagement industries. PSG and Chiliz aim to innovate fan experiences, club operations, and the sports ecosystem by uniting diverse developers. PSG disclosed a revenue plan, emphasizing blockchain technology for expansion.

The club plans to use revenue as a Chiliz Chain node validator to regularly repurchase $PSG Fan Tokens, enhancing their value and scarcity. PSG’s strategy showcases dedication to building a self-sustaining digital economy and engaging token holders. By reinvesting in digital assets and directly interacting with fans, PSG sets a new standard for revenue generation and fan engagement in sports.

"Chiliz coin price chart showing fluctuations in value over time."
Chiliz coin price chart. Source: Binance

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