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Ethereum Price Surge: Sun & Whales Invest $500M in ETH

Ethereum Price Surge: Sun & Whales Invest $500M in ETH

Despite substantial acquisitions by whales like Justin Sun, the price of Ethereum has declined. 

According to Lookonchain data, whales have recently accumulated over $500 million worth of ETH between them. 

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Withdrawals from exchanges and allocations to different platforms are examples of strategic movements. 

Due to recent price volatility, traders’ attention is once again focused on the Ethereum price as they constantly track whale activity. Increased whale trading has spurred hope for a possible Ethereum price recovery in the near future despite a brief decline.  

Notably, the future of Ethereum continues to be a focus for traders and fans alike, with noteworthy developments looming and growing institutional interest.  

The Price of Ethereum Drops In spite of Whale Accumulation 

The price of Ethereum has dropped by more than 1% today, maintaining its downward trend. Nonetheless, a surge in the overall cryptocurrency market has resulted in notable gains for the cryptocurrency this year. However, the attitude has been affected by the current SEC probe into Ethereum’s security classification and a possible hold-up in the Ethereum ETF licensing process.  

In spite of this, recent on-chain data reveals substantial Ethereum acquisitions by prominent personalities in the cryptocurrency world. According to the source, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, may have recently refocused on cryptocurrency, which is the second-largest market capitalization.  

In the meantime, Lookonchain’s findings indicate that Sun and other whales have collected approximately $500 million in ETH through recent transactions. Significant withdrawals from exchanges and deliberate investments across platforms are noteworthy developments that indicate optimism about Ethereum’s long-term prospects.  

Lookonchain claims that Justin Sun “possibly” removed $4.91 million worth of ETH from Binance, in addition to sizable withdrawals from other wallets. Additionally, wallet 0x4446 took out 11,892 ETH, totalling $37.77 million, transferred ETH into the Compound, and borrowed USDT.  

Conversely, 5,181 ETH worth $16.28 million was taken out of Binance by another wallet, 0x1958, and staked into Bedrock and Pendle. Concurrently, on April 22, a new wallet received $23.06 million in Ethereum from Binance.  

Notably, these changes imply an excellent level of trust in ETH’s future course and possible price growth.  

Pricing and Performance During Record Transactions 

The increase in whale activity has given the Ethereum market new hope and offset recent worries about regulatory scrutiny and the delayed approval process for Ethereum ETFs. The calculated actions of prominent individuals like Justin Sun confirm the optimistic outlook regarding Ethereum’s future course.  

There is growing expectation for a possible rebound in Ethereum price dynamics as investors see these actions as a vote of confidence in Ethereum’s durability in the face of market volatility.  

The price of Ethereum was down 1.39% to $3,176.14 at the time of writing, and its trading volume had remained close to the flatline at $10.57 billion over the previous day. It has gained around 3% over the past seven days despite the latest downturn, but it has lost roughly 6% month over month.

Ethereum Price Chart

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