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Eaglebrook & Franklin Launch Bitcoin, ETH SMAs

Eaglebrook & Franklin Launch Bitcoin, ETH SMAs

Eaglebrook and Franklin Templeton introduce a BTC/ETH SMA specifically designed for U.S. advisors.
It is introducing a cutting-edge SMA that provides tax-efficient investing in digital assets.
Franklin Templeton is venturing into the cryptocurrency world with plans to introduce a Bitcoin ETF and Ethereum SMA.
Eaglebrook Advisors has partnered with Franklin Templeton to introduce a fresh investment strategy centred around Bitcoin and Ethereum. This partnership aims to enhance the digital asset investment landscape for advisors and investors by introducing Separately Managed Account (SMA) strategies.

Welcome to the introduction of the Franklin Templeton BTC/ETH SMA.

This Franklin Templeton Digital Asset Dynamic BTC/ETH SMA is designed to meet the requirements of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and wealth managers located in the U.S. This initiative is a component of Eaglebrook’s Digital Asset SMA Platform, with Anchorage Digital offering custody services for the invested assets.

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The strategy offers a tax-efficient investment opportunity in digital assets, differentiating itself from traditional bitcoin exchange-traded products (ETPs) or private funds. It achieves this by incorporating tax optimization strategies that minimize capital gain tax liabilities.

Approach to Investing in Digital Assets

Franklin Templeton’s Digital Asset Dynamic BTC/ETH SMA meticulously curates an investment strategy to outperform market capitalization-weighted Bitcoin and Ethereum portfolios. Leveraging Franklin Templeton’s extensive experience, it offers a compelling solution for investors. With a focus on active management, the SMA aims to capitalize on opportunities within the digital asset space. Through rigorous research, Franklin Templeton identifies and seizes promising investment prospects in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Investors seeking to integrate digital assets into their portfolios find this approach particularly appealing.

In addition, this approach provides exposure to the two leading digital assets based on market capitalization and includes an automatic tax overlay feature, making it particularly appealing to experienced investors.

Eaglebrook is excited to announce the expansion of our digital asset offerings.

Eaglebrook Advisors, in collaboration with Franklin Templeton, previously introduced two SMA strategies in 2022. The platform now expands its offerings with additional digital asset investment solutions. Including the Franklin Templeton Digital Assets Core and Franklin Templeton Digital Assets Core Capped strategies. These solutions augment Eaglebrook Advisors’ presence in the digital asset investment space. The collaboration underscores the commitment of both parties to innovate within the digital asset sector.”

These approaches demonstrate Eaglebrook’s commitment to providing investment solutions that meet advisors’ and clients’ evolving needs. With a vast network of over 700 financial advisors and a substantial $225 million of assets under management, Eaglebrook is well-positioned to transform client engagement strategies into digital assets.

Franklin Templeton’s Involvement in the Crypto Market

Franklin Templeton’s involvement in the digital asset space extends beyond the SMA strategies. The company has also entered the ETF market by introducing its Bitcoin ETF (EZBC) and is considering an ETF focused on Ether.

Franklin Templeton actively analyzes the crypto market to offer investors diverse digital asset investment options.

Traditional financial institutions are increasingly embracing digital currencies and blockchain technologies. This is evident in Franklin Templeton’s involvement in the crypto market.

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