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DePIN Project IO Net Tokenomics: What’s Next for Solana?

DePIN Project IO Net Tokenomics: What’s Next for Solana?

The world’s largest Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network is set to be unveiled by io.net.
IO token economics includes programmed token destruction and a deflationary reward mechanism.
IO Research marks a turning point in decentralized computing by securing $30 million in financing.
A noteworthy development in decentralized cloud service platforms is the announcement of IO Research’s intentions to build the world’s biggest Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN). The disclosure of IO tokenomics enhances this grand project, clarifying the complexities of its underlying token economy.

At launch, the IO token will distribute five hundred million out of the 800 million available tokens. The unique distribution mechanism that distinguishes its tokenomics involves progressively distributing the remaining 300 million tokens over 20 years, awarding them hourly to suppliers and their pledgers. This strategy guarantees a constant flow of incentives by keeping a deflationary model in place to lessen inflationary pressures.

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The benefits will start at 8% in the first year, decreasing by 1.02% monthly, roughly 12% annually. Additionally, io.net has developed a programmed IO destruction system. This system uses funds generated by the IOG network to repurchase and destroy tokens. The amount of destruction is adjusted based on market conditions.

The io.net business model and revenue generation

The revenue-generating model, specifically crafted to maintain the platform’s development and viability, is the foundation of io.net’s operating architecture. Fees form a fundamental component of this model, ensuring a balanced ecology where providers and users exchange value for services offered.

The commission and payment fees that customers pay when they reserve computing power give io.net a means of income. In contrast, providers effectively monetize their computing resources using the platform to extract leasing charge money.

IO Research and Development’s Funding Success

The successful conclusion of a Series A funding round, where IO Research raised $30 million in capital, highlights the increasing acceptance and backing of decentralized computing projects. The funding will be crucial in advancing the DePIN project by io.net, especially in improving the aggregation of distributed GPUs. The funding is evidence of the platform’s market potential and strategic relevance in the face of a global shortage of computers caused by an increasing demand for AI-based solutions.

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