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Crypto Weekly: Top Gainers & Losers

Crypto Weekly: Top Gainers & Losers

May was the ideal month to balance profits and losses; some cryptocurrencies reached new highs while others accepted a fall. Pepe Coin was the month’s highlight, increasing in value by over twice, setting new records, ranking among the top 20 cryptocurrencies, and doing much more. Now that the month has officially ended and June has begun, there is much excitement about what lies ahead. Review this week’s top cryptocurrency winners and losers before finalizing any investing plans.

Largest Weekly Gainers in Crypto

A few cryptocurrencies reached extremely high levels and became market winners despite the difficulties faced by the currency market and the correction zone following the adoption of the Ethereum ETF. The top three cryptocurrency gainers of the week are NOT, JASMY, and BGB, which are up against hundreds of other optimistic cryptocurrencies.

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1. Notcoin (NOT)

Following its 163% increase this week, Notcoin has emerged as the most cryptocurrency gainer. Furthermore, it achieved a 24% increase in just the past day, raising the price of Bitcoin to $0.01415. It is only 2% away from the $0.01445 all-time high goal it set at its introduction.

2. JasmyCoin (JASMY)

Only a few months after its debut, JASMY saw a precipitous decline. Since its value has fallen by 97% from the early launch days, it continues to decline. JasmyCoin, on the other hand, has had a very positive week, rising in value by 67% to rank second among all currencies this week. Furthermore, its value increased by 17% in the last day alone, and it is currently trading at $0.03554.

3. BGB token

Bitget reached a new all-time high of $1.48 a few hours ago, following a 28% surge this week. The token’s value increased from its low of $1.1, having started to rise on the 27th. Although BGB’s price is now drifting away from the ATH, there are still positive aspects of the altcoin that could increase its worth.


Largest Cryptocurrency Losers This Week

This week, unlike the gainers, several currencies saw significant drops. The currency market was not as speculative as the previous week, so many currencies, including the two biggest risers in history, Ethereum and Bitcoin, saw a decline in value. The final days of the week also saw a decrease in PEPE prices.

This week’s top-losing cryptocurrencies are CORE, AKT, and THETA

1. Core (CORE)

Core DAO’s value has dropped significantly over the past several days, from a peak of $2.47 to $1.95. After experiencing days of price volatility, the Core price is currently 69% off from its peak days.

2. Akash Network (AKT)

AKT had quite the voyage this week, going from the top cryptocurrency gainers to the losers. After rising above $6 at the beginning of the month, the Akash Network saw a 12% decline and is currently trading at $4.65.

3. Alpha Network (ANET)

The market circumstances in March were positive, but THETA could not recover its years-long decline in value. Despite having created a peak, the THETA price did not even reach a third of the ATH of $15.90. Following the 11% decrease, the price has dropped even further to $2.09.

The cryptocurrency market experiences ups and downs, with prices fluctuating in seconds and trends changing every few days. But when things go right, the losers also have the chance to emerge as cryptocurrency winners.

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